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My personal philosophy on teaching is permanently "under construction". I am a human being on a lifelong journey of growth and learning; as I continue my journey, my progress will lend itself to the evolution of my teaching philosophy. My current philosophy is a product of the experiences from the first three decades of existence, and is based upon many factors that have shaped who I am as a person. What is a teacher?  A teacher is, first and foremost, a mentor and guide to his students. I believe that every child can learn--and that they want to learn! Children are born with a hunger for knowledge--a natural curiosity that should be carefully and lovingly guided by the teacher. This responsibility is not for the faint of heart; a teacher must have the patience to overcome the many types of challenges that she will face; she must also have the fortitude to maintain order and discipline without being oppressive or overly harsh. A teacher must be sensitive... read more

I wanted to share my teaching philosophy for any individuals who are considering selecting me as their tutor. My teaching philosophy highlights my beliefs about learning as well as my teaching strategy (a strategy that focuses on active student engagement, applied exercises, and the use of analogies and examples to help learners grasp complex topics).   My Teaching Philosophy Beliefs about human learning.  I believe that, as a teacher, I am responsible for increasing subject matter knowledge and, more importantly, assisting students in connecting this knowledge to the real world and laterally across fields.  Learning should not, and cannot, exist in the absence of this integration.  A sole focus on surface level content (ex. facts and definitions) fails to meet the needs of students who wish to advance in the learning process.  Specifically, students need to progress to deeper levels of processing and understanding.  This will allow them... read more

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