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When I begin teaching a student who is struggling in his or her English class, the very first thing I try to do is get the student to start communicating with his or her teacher. Often, students that are frustrated with their grades are frustrated with their teachers. However, treating teachers like allies instead of enemies can improve students’ understanding of course topics and assignments, and consequently their grades. You’ll often hear teachers tell students at the beginning of the year, “Please do not be afraid to raise your hand and ask a question.” They really do mean this. Think about it this way: Teachers are educating a class full of students with different learning styles. Their students probably have varying degrees of familiarity and comfort with different topics. Plus, teachers constantly introduce new and challenging material. So, teachers are not surprised when students need help, and they encourage their classes to ask questions to better their understanding... read more

I discovered my passion for the Spanish language on a church trip to the Dominican Republic ten years ago while serving a group of amazing people there. At the time I was a junior at Western Michigan University and was majoring in Creative Writing. I had only taken a few years of Spanish in high school and was very shaky with speaking. However, something amazing happened while I was there! I found myself being able to communicate and slowly understand. A little boy named Jorge was sitting with my friend and I one night and slowly repeating  "estrella" when it suddenly clicked. I have little Jorge to thank for igniting that passion in me. I went on to double major in Spanish and Creative Writing, then continue to get my Master's degree in Spanish literature. Through the years I have lived in Santander, Spain; Queretaro, Mexico, and finally Barcelona, Spain for the past five years. My husband (who is Spanish) and I just moved back to Michigan and are starting a new... read more

"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit." ~John Steinbeck   There's an artist in each teacher and each student: teaching is the collaboration of two innovative minds. As a tutor, I see living, breathing artwork that is guided simultaneously by intuition, creativity and reason. I'm in a gallery surrounded by the curiosities and masterpieces of knowledge. Each piece has a story that narrates a small piece of the creators' lives.

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