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A recent IRS Notice of Deficiency was sent to Joseph D. Scully, Jr. requiring him to pay additional tax, fines and penalties of $26,000 for a three period. This case was resolved in the U. S. Tax Court for an amount approximate to what the IRS was seeking. The main problem appears to be one that many of us have trouble with, lack of consistency. We all start out with good intentions, but over time, appointments, disorganization, forgetfulness and finally abandonment of your record keeping can occur. This is a problem that happens to many business owners and when it happens to a 501c(3) entity it can have even worse ramifications than fines and penalties, it can lead to possible revocation for failing to follow IRS code or for private benefit/inurement infractions.       The top five issues that occur with deductions are:  1. Stated business purpose is nonspecific or completely omitted      This generally occurs... read more

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