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The above-referenced subjects include different-aged PreK-College student needs I have experienced at the beginning of each school year since Fall 2010, when I first began tutoring in earnest via WyzAnt, instead of substituting daily for lesser pay in 18 area elementaries in our school district. I am not including higher math (Grade 7 and above) in my math tutoring experience. I also have helped adults with ESL/ESOL, general and academic reading/writing/comprehension/test preparation as well as public speaking for different-sized audiences, sometimes at-the-last-minute before "the big presentation day".

I am currently tutoring exit level TAKS students to help them pass their English TAKS test in July. I am also tutoring 9th graders for the STAAR English retest in July. The two tests are so different in difficulty! The STAAR is much more difficult. I hope that the students I'm working with will do better on their retests in July. They're all working very hard!

It is no surprise that students lose some of their edge for education over the summer. After all the saying goes, "if you don't use it, you lose it." Summer is a great time to prepare students for the next school year. Tutoring can provide a means to not only stop the loss but also allow students to gain valuable skills for the next year. Imagine the edge your student could have in next years' math or science class if he or she had summer sessions with a certified teacher familiar with the state board curriculum and requirements? Summer is also a great time to prepare for standardized tests. SAT, PSAT, ACT or ASVAB. All of these tests provide information about a student's future potential. Students who are better prepared will score better and be given greater opportunities. That is why the test-prep industry is such a huge market. If you don't believe me, just stroll down that aisle of your local bookstore. However, as helpful as these self-help books can be, how... read more

I have been driven to help students excel and succeeded for over 10 years now. I have a heart for every child to succeed. I tell parents all the time, Your child has a great potential. If he or she is not learning in the regular classroom it does not mean they have less of a potential but that the teacher is not using the right learning method to teach them. These are the students whom I have worked with for years to provide customized teaching showing the parent's how bright the children really are. I have had experience with parents who have financial limits and will negotiate the rate to provide the most tutoring for the child. Some have allowed only 2 hours at lowered rate but then 1 week later the child would excel with an A in math after only one week of help. Most parents who come back say that they saw a major difference in a short time such as the end of the first session. This has gone to show my faith to be true. Every child can learn and will with my help. If your son or... read more

My second student and I am so excited. He is a senior in High school and I am helping him to prepare for his exit level TAKS test! I first gave him a practice test to see where he was at in knowledge and then I went over the problems he got incorrect. (The practice test I gave him I got from the TAKS website and it came with a key so I could grade it) The second part of the test I did not have him finish, I gave that to him as a homework assignment to practice until the next tutoring session. All is going well and I hope that he will be more prepared for the test and will pass with flying colors!

The Writing TAKS test is just a few days away. If you have a 4th or 7th grader preparing for the upcoming Writing test...don't worry! I am confident that Texas teachers are doing a good job preparing them to form good sentences, elaborate, bring their composition to an ending. Here are a few tips that may sound trivial but can make a big difference: 1. Stick to the topic (wandering off topic shows lack of cohesiveness) 2. Write within the lines. There are large margins and those who score tests only get a scan of the paper and will not be able to read anything outside of the margins. 3. Use your BEST handwriting. Your paper may be WONDERFUL but if no one can decifer it, they will never know! Also, if the reader is questioning scores, it always helps to have a neat paper. 4. Don't write "The End" really large or draw pictures at the end of your composition...It looks like you're trying too hard to fill space. 5. Don't worry if you think your... read more

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