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Hello, my name is Aaron.Zhang. I was born and raised in north of China. However, wonderful Miami is my home now. Now I am studying in Florid International University ( FIU ) for my master degree. I love Miami's sunshine, beach and enthusiastic people.No wonder more and more Mandarin speaking tourists, investors and students are visiting here. Experience and background: I graduated in Chongqing University of China in 2013, and then worked in New Oriental in Beijing, a listed education company, as a senior BD staff. My major in university is Marine Engineering. When I was an undergraduate, I tutored K-12 students for physics, math, swimming ,English and Chinese history. Besides, I also tutored Mandarin and make friends with students from all over the world through my university's international student club. Now I tutored Mandarin Chinese, Chinese history and international relationship , Swimming and Physics. Mandarin : My Mandarin pronunciation is very standard... read more

If you don't know how to swim, I encourage you to sign up for swimming lessons this summer! I am currently living at a house with a pool which makes swim lessons very convenient with no gym or health club membership required! I have years of experience as a water safety instructor and swim coach, so why not take advantage of this and make your summer more interesting? I'm happy to teach all ages, including those with no past swimming experience. I truly enjoy the opportunity to get out and into the pool rather than just book-based tutoring!

These days, students and parents are busier than ever, and I understand that tutoring may be just one item of many on the family calendar. Since my goal has been to make life easier for parents and students by offering you high quality private tutoring in the convenience of your own home unless you preferred the quietness of your tutor home instead. I am a dedicated Tutor who loves seeing students succeed in school, and who recognizes the importance of patience and creativity when helping students. I am able to give enthusiastic and enjoyable lessons and I have the ability to make any subject interesting. I have been tutoring since before I started college in 2005. I am a graduate from Jacksonville University, where I received a Master in Business Administration degree. I am looking forward to serving your needs as a tutor. I also understand that Math and Advanced Sciences are very challenging, and they present students with concepts that are totally foreign and at times utterly... read more

So I engaged one of my first students as a swimmer yesterday 6/22; and a thought occurred to me. It seems that most parents are afraid to engage a tutor for physical activities such as swimming, archery, shooting, or rowing because it places their child in a situation that they're not sure they'll be able to control. In an "ordinary" tutoring situation they can either attend or ensure that it is in a public or safe place, and really, what poseur/math tutor is going to abduct a child? But when you let your child hop into a pool with somebody, or go to an archery range, or take a kayak out onto a river, it necessitates a certain "release" from the parent, which seems to be difficult. The solution should be relatively simple, but a lot of people seem to have problems grasping it; accompany your child! If in a pool, place yourself on a deck chair or bench nearby the area where your tutor and child are working; if necessary, get up and move to keep them in your... read more

Before I signed up to become a tutor with WyzAnt, I tutored other people in similar subjects. Such students were: I tutored my Step-dad in Algebra when he went back to school. I tutored my husband (like the other blog post states) when he went back to school. I also have taught numerous people how to swim. I have taught many people who were unfamiliar with computers to use computers efficiently. No matter if I have been paid to tutor if I have done the tutoring for free. I have always enjoyed helping people understand something that they normally would have struggled with.

Are you going boating or to a fun water spot? Do you have a pool or lake near your home? With five drownings deaths over the weekend here in Oregon, it is important to be ready and to prepare kids when going out on boats or to the river for a swim. Lifejacket skill & water safety lessons are a simple way to prepare and to prevent accidents. Please be safe and prepare before you go! Happy summer!

I have been swimming my entire life! Well, since I was 5 years old! I have taught swim lessons since I was able to instruct, and have been coaching a swim team since I was 15! I'm 18 years old now! That's 13 years of swimming and 3 years of coaching! I helped teach my younger sisters how to swim as well and have been teaching lessons to them ever since I figured out how to do actual strokes! I have been swimming on my high school team since the 7th grade and my current college team for a full semester! I know what I'm talking about because I've gone through exactly the same stuff you have! I know the frustration, the agony, the difficulty of learning a stroke or turn and I know how to help make YOU better at it!

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