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Yes, the clock is ticking down toward summer break and while you're excited for the warm, lazy days of summer, you may also be pondering, "What am I going to do with these children for 12 weeks?" Yes, there are family vacations and camps to match every interest imaginable, and yes, you want wholesome, healthy activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. You also want to keep a balance so your children have enough activity to stave off boredom (and soon thereafter, contention in the ranks), but not so much activity that your children become stressed and exhausted. So, where, if anywhere, does summer tutoring fit in? Summer tutoring can be a great way to reinforce skills in reading, writing, and math. Some studies show that students lose as much as 2.6 months of academic progress during summer vacation (Shafer, 2016). So, academic reinforcement certainly sounds like a good idea...but it doesn't paint a picture of a fun-filled summer. Sure, you can sign your... read more

During the school year, many of the students I work with have jam-packed schedules replete with extracurriculars, sports, and demanding classes. Adding test prep into the mix can complicate schedules even further. So why not take advantage of the time students have off during the summer to get ahead, so that when school resumes they won't have a heavy additional workload to worry about?    There are many reasons why summer classes benefit students. One of the most obvious relates to what is known as the "summer slide." Most students lose about two months of grade-level mathematical proficiency over the summer. In fact, in a meta-analysis of 39 studies that examined the effect of summer vacation on academic achievement, researchers found that summer break was detrimental for both math and reading skills, and that the amount of deterioration increased with grade-level.    Many times I work with sophomores and juniors in high school... read more

I wish that people were not so opposed to fun! How do little children learn about the world around them? Through play! Yet, as we get older, we stop allowing children to play, move, sing, dance, and create while they are "learning". There is solid research that shows that when children are actively engaged in activities that they enjoy, they learn more....and retain what they learned. What does that mean for your children? It means MORE PLAY! Songs, movement, such as dance and acting, and other forms of creativity can be rolled into your child's tutoring lesson to make them ENJOY what they are learning...and who doesn't like a little fun in their summer?

Ah, summer.  It's almost here!  Once the end-of-school bell rings, most students are ready to be done with any form of schoolwork until August.  But summer is a very valuable tutoring time, and I'd like to advocate for summer tutoring.    Seeing a tutor in the summer is a great opportunity for those students who passed their current level of French (or another subject) with a low grade and/or are not feeling confident of success in the next level.  A tutor can help review the material, catch the student up, and help him/her get ready for the next level.  A tutor may even be able to work ahead to give the student a running start once school starts again.   Summer tutoring is a great opportunity for AP/IB students (even lower-level IB students) to keep their skills fresh during the long summer break.  Often, there is summer homework to be done, and a tutor can help with that.  Even more valuable is the speaking & listening... read more

Happy mid-April!   Can you believe the school year is already winding down? Because the end of the year is upon us, I am looking for some summer tutoring experiences with any student who is looking to gain some success over the summer! I love working with students in the summer months. Sometimes I even bring popsicles :)   Whether you want to increase a reading level, work on some extra writing skills, or just practice some great studying techniques, I am sure we can find success.    Please contact me via my profile for information! Thanks! 

As a former camp director (references available), and as a published writer and college English instructor, I can customize a reading and writing group to engage your teen this summer. This will keep them in a safe environment, and they will be learning and practicing their writing and analytical skills for future high school and college success. I will design a custom plan and schedule for your needs. Why not contact another parent and see if their teens would be interested. We can select some appropriate books together, and I will design discussion questions and writing exercises for the workshop meetings. We can decide on public meeting places: libraries, coffee shops, etc. Contact me here through WyzAnt and I will create a special package rate for my services, especially if you introduce additional students that might be interested. There is no obligation to discuss this idea. Please e-mail me if you have questions or to discuss further! -... read more

As summer is in it's full groove , it gets harder for both ends to focus-tutors and students alike. We want to sit by the pool and soak up the sun. We cut our hours as a team to enjoy the short summer we get. Solutions to this? I find it easier to talk to the little ones in the target language while doing lounging activities . If a student wants to show me their summer game, I let them while speaking French or Spanish which is a more natural and motivated method in Teaching anyway . How can I apply this natural environment back to the classroom come fall? Adult leathers too are having a blast on vacation so their time spent tutoring gets shorter . Either way , I hope we both enjoy our short break and are ready to spring into action come the school year 

The summer time is a great time to add continuing education to every child's needs!  Reading comprehension, writing skills (summaries, essays, book reports), grammar, Pre-K head start, and kindergarten head start.  Bridge the gap throughout the summer and give children the confidence they need for September's new school year.  

Now, with summer approaching, many students are looking forward to a break from the daily grind of classes and homework.  Rightly so!  It's a lot on a child.  But one thing many teachers notice at the beginning of a school year is how much they have to review the previous section of their subject.  The break is great for letting a student have fun, but it also facilitates a loss of gained knowledge due to the passage of time.  As an student working toward an engineering degree, I started out at a high school level math, not because I'm incompetent in math, but because 7 years had passed since my last math class by that point. I chose to focus my energy in that area to prepare myself to get into the full swing of being a full time student in university.  If during this 7 years I would have taken the time to read up a little bit, run through a couple problems, and keep myself in practice with the skill, I wouldn't have had to start so far back. ... read more

Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that I was recently featured along with my student, Bayla, on the local news. Check out the clip below for the five-minute segment on how to prevent summer learning loss, also known as "brain drain."  A big thank you to WyzAnt for making this story possible!    Parents avoiding summer "brain drain"    

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