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Last weekend was a blast. I was helping a client and they were very kind to invite me to their godson's communion party on Sat. Since they are from Mexico, I was really looking forward to dancing with my wife.   We got to meet more of their family and also enjoy more of the Mexican culture. There was a professional Taco Stand that served taco "a la orden" or "to order." You could choose from chicken, pork, beef and any type of toppings your heart desired. You had to be careful of the tomatillo salsa, that was so spicy it could melt your face off.   And I still have it. It may have been a while and I can still dance a good salsa. Everyone like to watch the chubby guy dance. 

So I have never blogged before but I seen the question pop up on my screen, and I said, why not? So here is the question I am responding to-   During the summer, parents and educators have an opportunity to bring learning outdoors in creative ways.What are your favorite outdoor educational activities?   I love going to our state natural resource areas such as Crystal Springs Preserve, the Everglades, and Withlacoochee State Forest, specifically the caves explorations areas. Interacting with nature, wandering through the woods, finding animals, observing nature and generally just spending time in the proverbial great outdoors. While in those environments you can ponder all of the interrelationships of the organisms, and our impact, its awesome. I also love going to local skate-parks to think about gravity and friction as I do my best not to break my bones whilst hurling, gliding, sliding, freewheeling, and generally just having a blast.     Well... read more

Nobody likes doing homework in the summer. It's just a fact of life. My advice to students who want to stay sharp during the summer is to inject fun into your work and work into your fun. Find a way to connect your personal fun time back to the subjects you're learning in school. The best way to accomplish this, in my opinion, is to look for school skills in unusual contexts. If you're interested in maintaining your English or writing, you can join a book club or arrange one with your friends. Take this summer as an opportunity to read that book you've been dying to get to, and while you're reading think about it critically and talk about it with others. I'm part of a “Bring Your Own Book” club right now, where each month we are given a topic and have to find and read a book that fits the topic. BYOBook clubs are a great chance to see a broad range of interpretations of a given theme and think about your reading in a larger context (what does the topic “animals as main characters”... read more

If you don't know how to swim, I encourage you to sign up for swimming lessons this summer! I am currently living at a house with a pool which makes swim lessons very convenient with no gym or health club membership required! I have years of experience as a water safety instructor and swim coach, so why not take advantage of this and make your summer more interesting? I'm happy to teach all ages, including those with no past swimming experience. I truly enjoy the opportunity to get out and into the pool rather than just book-based tutoring!

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