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I see a number of tutor requests similar to this plea for help. I never answer them, or offer to help. A student may well ask, but why? What's wrong with my asking for last-minute help. I'm desperate. And that's precisely the problem. You are desperate, you've waited until the last minute, you want someone to bail you out. Other tutors may be eager to help, but I won't. If you have landed in this predicament, then there are problems you should have addressed much earlier in the course. I wish you would have asked for help way back then. I might have been able to save your class work, so you would have learned what the instructor taught related to grammar, writing, etc. That would have been a better use of your tutor dollars, and you might have been able to work on your own thereafter. Now, you just want someone to save you. You won't have learned the topic or the skill. I'm sorry for you, but if you fail the class, perhaps you will consider finding a tutor at the beginning of the course... read more

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