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So you're having trouble studying for a big test... trust me, you're not alone.  I always share my own struggle with students because then they can understand that not only can you overcome your problems, but you can learn and succeed, as well.  For me, I never learned how to study while I was growing up.  I either never needed to, or couldn't be bothered.  It wasn't until nursing school that I realized how crucial it was to figure out what kind of learner I was... and how to work with it.     Here are some of my "Tips to Successful Studying":   First, you need to recognize what kind of learner you are.  Do you like pictures and drawings?  Do you need to put your hands on things?  Can you really learn by listening?  For most learners... listening to "lecture" is NOT how they learn.  Nowadays, learners need to be involved in the the teaching-learning process, and adult learners, especially,... read more

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