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In my teaching, I have seen that lessons can be fun when:   1) An application is applied to the learning.        -ex.  when I can see that material that I am learning now has application to what I will be doing in my life this week, month, year, life.   2) When the concept makes the problem solving easy.       -ex. When I can understand what is causing the frustration or making it hard, and taking that obstacle away by knowing how to work the problem in effective manner.   3) Humor       - laughing is a great why to take the edge off of homework.  Make it fun by poking fun into it. Laugh about it.   4) Making the most out of the homework to see how you can breathe some life into something that is dull and lifeless.     -ex. some homework assignments have the ability (especially writing) to make it more than just learning how to write sentences;... read more

I'm currently student teaching at a high school in Chicago, which is why I cannot take new students for a while. For those of you unfamiliar with student teaching, it's a ten week bootcamp for beginning teachers. You take over a current teacher's full classload and teach as a fulltime teacher, with all the responsibilities that come with it such as attending meetings and meeting parents, all the while being supervised both by the current teacher and a state-mandated supervisor.   What's been especially tough for me is two areas. First is lesson planning. In my tutoring sessions I always spend looots of time trying to think of the best lesson apt for that student. Then I implement it and see if it works. But because everything is one on one, I get feedback easily. Not in a class of 35. Not only do you have to teach a lesson to 35 individuals, you need to master the dynamics of class management, something that is not easy because it always changes with each class. No two... read more

So I started my student teaching semester back in August, and I'm graduating in December, so I'm about half way through my semester. What I'm wondering is those of you that are student teaching, or did already, or are going to soon, are you thinking about tutoring while student teaching??    

So this week was great because I started tutoring a new student and had the opportunity to start getting into my field placement which is like a "phase 1" for student teaching.    Tutoring was was great because although I plan to teach high school, I have always enjoyed working with younger students. We had an initial meeting and I was able to get a sense of what this student was learning and where we would go from there. I am in the process of creating a worksheet that focuses on the different parts of a story, for example main idea, plot, main characters, theme, etc. additionally, we will continue practicing mathematics by doing practice problems.    I also have the awesome opportunity to practice my teaching skills in a classroom right now, and this week I presented my first lesson plan - per the guidance of my mentor teacher - this week to the class and it felt great to finally be teaching. I am enjoying the lesson planning process...

Instead of pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in education, I obtained a teaching credential in math. I found this made the most sense as I already had a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Business Administration and I wanted to be a math teacher. Without a degree in math I had to pass two subject exams, CSET I and II, and observe 45 hours of instruction before being accepted into the credential program. The two years of study and student teaching were very valuable. They positively impacted my understanding of how students learn and what challenges they face in today's classrooms. I also gained a much deeper appreciation for what teachers must complete daily or weekly in order to meet campus, district, and even state requirements.

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