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Recently I had a female student that I did an excellent job tutoring her in an Engineering subject. During the session she lost interest in the subject and I could feel it because she came unprepared and was not understanding much. She also asked me few times about getting overcharged as we went over the 2 hr limit with about 15 minutes or so. I only charged her for two hrs, but she gave me a 2 star rating. I tried to contact her to see why she rated me this low, but she did not answer. I was then forced to cancel the lesson to remove the low rating before it was charged to her account. I lost out on the money and she got away with free session. My thought was that I would rather lose the money than having such a low and unfair rating on my record. I am afraid that she might do it again to another tutor. So, if you get contacted by this girl for a lesson DON'T give her a lesson, because I believe that she will do to you what she did to me. If you would like her name, then send me a... read more

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