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Hello! If you are reading this, it’s likely because I have sent you the link to this blog before scheduling a lesson with you. I enjoy tutoring students and teaching them what I know about computer science and cybersecurity, but I value the time I spend teaching, just as you value the time you spend learning. As such, I have implemented the following policies to facilitate mutual respect for each other’s time. These policies may be updated over time. If you are a returning student, I generally will not resend you the link to this blog unless I have made changes, as it is implied that you have been previously informed of my existing policies.   COVID-19 Policy: The ongoing pandemic has pushed most learning online, including tutoring. I am still willing to offer in-person tutoring to students in the Washington, DC Metro area on a case by case basis. During any in-person lessons, please wear a mask at all times. Do not schedule an in-person lesson with me if you have tested... read more

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