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This is the story of a certain student who faced a lot of difficulties understanding certain concepts in his class. He/She was at the point of giving up and failing that class when a deep beautiful voice called his/her name out loud, "Student!" He/She didn't understand what was going on. The voice called a second time, "Student, go to the tutoring center!" So the student walked his/her way to the student center and asked for a tutor to help.   The first tutor looked at him/her with an expression of disgust. "How can you not understand this?" the tutor asked. "It is very simple, just do this..." Confused, the student couldn't keep up with the tutor's technique. The tutor seemed to have had a bad beginning of the day and was very impatient. He also got on the top of his nerves, but always seemed to hold back. Scared, the student called onto a second tutor.   The second tutor came with an indifferent expression. He didn't... read more

“Storytelling is more than an essential set of tools to get things done: it’s a way for leaders - wherever they may sit - to embody the change they seek.” Steve Denning, Why Leadership Storytelling Is Important, Forbes, June 8, 2011     “The reality is that developing the next generation’s leaders is a task of pressing importance.” Douglas A. Ready, How Storytelling Builds Next-Generation Leaders, MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer, 2002   Storytellers have long known that it takes courage to examine one’s point of view in relationship to a story, and to willingly explore the point of view of another. Leadership requires just such courage and fluency in the world of Story. Every conflict, challenge, or problem is a story.   Many corporations and government organizations are realizing the importance of storytelling in leadership and are scrambling to implement meaningful and productive storytelling training programs. Likewise, the... read more

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER   I assure you, this post is rated G. Tell the children they can come back now.   Exquisite Corpse is a writing exercise that was first introduced to me in 10th grade AP English.   My teacher at the time (who is, by far, my favorite ever) was trying to rid us of the awful writing techniques ingrained in us from the TAKS test. There is a good chance you or your child has gotten a nice Texas-sized dose of these in school.   We were so regemented that, even though we were all gifted in Reading and Language Arts, lots of us had gotten 2s and 3s on the writing portion of the test. We lost the fun. We lost the creativity.   How did we get it back?   Exquisite Corpse.   What in the world  is Exquisite Corpse?   It's the Galaxy X totin', New age cousin of the old parlor game "Cadavre Exquis" in which multiple people would contribute to a sentence... read more

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