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I have been in IT Software Development and Applications Architecture business for the past 14 years using from MS Access, SQL to high end technologies like ASP.Net and VB. If you need any assistance in automation of your manual processes from scratch to implement or modify/mainatin the existing applications, we can do that. All you need is just to contact me and I will take it from there. Regards, Krishna

For the past few years, I've spent most of my time teaching and tutoring on physics, but I also tutor students in programming languages such as C, C++ and Java. These languages are three of the most difficult to learn due in large part to their comprehensiveness. These and languages very similar to them are the programming languages used to implement most of the highest performing and functionally complicated applications in the world, including operating systems, office suites, high performing websites and smartphone apps. Prior to becoming a teacher, I put myself through graduate school teaching classes and tutoring mostly college students on programming. I then worked for about 20 years for software companies developing software, leading development and consulting into business on the development of custom, high performance software. I welcome inquiries on tutoring of computer science topics, such as software engineering, software architecture, programming and databases... read more

1.     Overview: Working with what?! SQL  statements are divided into two languages: DDL and DML. We will review the code contained in these languages and apply it to some database tables. 2.     Review of Relational Databases Relational databases developed in 1970 by Dr. E.F. Codd. This type of database eliminated some of the problems that were associated with standard files and other database designs.  Why do we need Relational Databases? Many companies often start off collecting data by use of a spreadsheet like the one in the table below. Customer Number Customer Name Order Number Order Date Part Number Part Description Number Ordered Quoted Price Warehouse Rep Number 148 Al’s Appliance and Sport 21608 10/20/2013 AT94 Iron 11 $21... read more

Over the past year of tutoring I have come to the conclusion that students need to understand why they are doing things and not just taught how. The benefits of explaining the theory behind an action are that your student will be able to leap ahead because he or she understands at a root level rather than just being able to follow a recipe. When teaching web design, I have found that it is important to cover the reasons why web standards were developed and what those standards look like in the code. When my students get that "ah ha!" moment of understanding why the tags are used, such as the DOCTYPE tag, they suddenly can comprehend more than just the codes, but the entire history of the Internet. The benefits are that they pick up the tagging and consequent testing much faster. This is important because web design methods are developing and changing at an enormously rapid rate and any budding designer has to understand standards and grow with new techniques or their... read more

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