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Where to begin........ So, you've just been handed the southern region of Mexico from your sales director and congratulated on your promotion! There's just one don't speak Spanish! and sure you have a pretty generous budget but does it include having an interpreter travel with you all expenses paid? Interpreters aren't cheap, I know because I am one as well! Let's start with..It's going to be okay! We are going to talk about a plan that works if you work with it. There are four major "must dos" to getting off to a good start to becoming bilingual and in this fabulous blog I am going to let go of those four secrets because it has been a really good day!!! 1. Connect with your local college/university/professional social media site, immediately..right now! and find out "who is who", in the Spanish tutoring/instruction world! I recommend a private Wyzant tutor, and yes I know there will be a cost but the investment is what I like to... read more

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