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4 Great Keys to Breathe, Embrace, and Enjoy your Spanish Class! You know the feeling! You are on a roll, you are finally "getting it", and now you want to eat, sleep, and dream Spanish! How do you do it? Read on mi amigo and discover four key elements to living the bilingual dream! Key 1 Start using your Spanish with your Wyzant tutor or instructor in class! Any thought that you have, "What was that homework?", "When do we turn it in?" anything that you normally would ask in English, now ask it in Spanish! Not only will you be making them work for their money but you will also undoubtedly make their day :) But the real deal** the more that you do it, the more that you lose the translation process and really turn on the Spanish thought process. (Yes, it sounds deep and it is deep!) Key 2 Hmmm....This next one is definitely for the 21 and over crowd! Go "Old School" and get a pen pal. A couple of ways you can do this, either... read more

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