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As a tutor with an open mind, I like to try new ways to help my students do better in the areas they are struggling with. Sometimes we are not accommodated with the ideal "meeting one on one in person" situation; thus, both parties are in a challenging scenario where you need to choose to be flexible to continue carrying out a successful lesson. I don't turn away from helping a student, due to a simple obstacle like so. I choose to use different resources this modern age provides. I use FaceTime, Real time Google docs, and phone call sessions currently with a few of my students that are unable to always meet in person. One of my students live in a different borough while another goes to boarding school. It is really easy to get connected to help them with their needs when they need it. It also saves your money when it comes to travel expenses.   

Hello,    Recently, I had the opportunity to tutor a student through Skype.  I was such a great experience, I wanted to try to promote more online tutoring sessions with students.  I have been looking around and researching different online tutoring platforms that would allow more interaction between myself and my students.  I don't feel like I am finding exactly what I need.      This is really a two part Blog      A) Does anyone have any experience with tutoring online and could suggest any online platforms that are really conducive to student learning?     B) I find that there is a lot of resistance to online tutoring, do you have any suggestions for getting students more on board with online tutoring?  

As a Wyzant tutor, it's been a interesting to experience a variety of ages, cultures, preferences and learning styles. Another variation upon my tutoring is location of the session.   Skype - my first experience with Skype and other video chat applications started when my cousin taught me Danish using WindowsLive in college. I've a Danish heritage but it goes back to my great-grandparents, so I didn't grow up knowing much about any of the language or culture. I found it strange at first to see a live-streaming video of a person on my computer, and sometimes the connect was bad or the microphone didn't work, etc. Getting past the initial weirdness was easy, because video chatting is kind of a modern miracle that I came to love. It works so well for me now that I tutor, because I can have a session with someone at a convenient time for both of us, without having to arrange travel plans (life sans a car) or take up time getting to a certain location. It also... read more

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