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The answer is “Yes” you can learn Cryptography from these videos, but honestly you are going to need a real degree to do the real stuff. You can find out that number theory and probability theory are used. Their video says, “a lock is only as strong as its weakest point” and suggests that conceptually codes may be reduced to fingerprints. I learned its called Frequency Analysis when you count repetitions, presumably with the purpose of breaking a code. It helps if you have some practice. I have some through my classes and standardized tests. There is believe it or not some code braking on tests like The SAT and the SHSAT. On The SAT it was an advanced problem. I used the following technique to solve the SAT problem: serially shift and algebraically move, decode from a latin alphabet to a numerical one. This is problem 16 page 418 from ISBN-13: 978-0-87447-852-5, The College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide: A four-digit integer, WXYZ, in which... read more

I really enjoy working with 7th and 8th graders who want  to take the SHSAT test for the specialize high schools in New York City.  They have a desire to work and get high scores required for admission. With time and patience, two things the average 13 year old has in short supply, the verbal part of the test can be mastered.  I have used all the test prep books and am now developing my own questions for this summer.  Old tests are hard to find and the books only give two or three exams to use with the kids. Regina  

The SHSAT is an admission test for the eight specialized high schools in the city.  It is a highly competitive test offered to eighth and ninth graders.  Recently over 30,000 students took the test for approximately 6,00 seats.   A student must do well on the test to be admitted to: Bronx HS of Science, Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn Technical HS, HS for Math, Science and Engineering at City College, HS of American Studies at Lehman College, Queens HS for the Sciences at York College, Staten Island Technical HS and Stuyvesant HS.  A student's academic record does not count.   The test has 95 multiple choice questions to be completed within 150 minutes.  It is divided into two parts:  a verbal section and a math section.  I tutor the verbal part of the test which consists of: 5 scrambled paragraph questions, for which a student must put the sentences into their proper sequential order; 10 logical reasoning questions which... read more

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