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Winter break is here and that means No School!  I know how excited every student is (teachers too) to take a break from academics and instead spend time with friends and family.  Who doesn't look forward too sleeping in, relaxing, and sipping hot cocoa while watching the snow fall?  I know I do!  I also know though, that its important to keep your brain active over the break so that when schools comes around again your ready to go.  Now keeping your brain active doesn't have to mean just reading, journaling or doing puzzles (all ow which or great) but it can also mean some really fun unexpected activities that will be fun, engaging, and could include quality time together. Cook or Bake something: Everybody loves holiday cookies and yummy meals and you'll love it even more now because it keeps your student's brain sharp.  Cooking and baking requires reading and math.  Students have to read recipes (learn new vocabulary words), do measurements... read more

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