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WYZANT WANTS TO KNOW: What are your tips to stay motivated through finals and the end of the school year?   I'd have to say that one of my motivational tips is maintaining two calendars, Make a countdown calendar that only includes the days between today and the absolute last deadline you have, whether it's a final exam or the last day a final paper is due; whatever's latest. Tell yourself that you only have to be strong and focused for these last few days. Everyday cross one day off of the calendar, knowing that you only have to keep pushing through x more days and you're allowed to give out/pass out/what have you on the other side of that last day. Make (or buy) a 24 hour calendar schedule for each of those days. This is the calendar you work with everyday. Now, the thought to have everyday. Write it down. Read it to yourself at the start of each day: "Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think... read more

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