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It's true. I really do hate math, and have since time immemorial. We're just... not friends. It's not something that has ever come naturally to me.   "Well, wait a minute here. Aren't you primarily a math tutor??" You might be thinking this right about now, and if you're not, you should be. Because, yes, I am in fact primarily a math tutor, and have enjoyed a fair amount of success with my students. Clearly, this presents something of a conflict of interest with the previous statement.   The truth is, I tutor math BECAUSE I hate math. Here's my logic: I know what it's like. I know how it feels to (seemingly) be the only one to "not get it." I remember, all too clearly, late nights, tears, and lowered self-esteem over not feeling intelligent because of math assignments. And now, in adulthood, having gone up through Calculus II in college, I realize I CAN do it, I just didn't THINK I could. I didn't feel like I measured up, but it was just... read more

At school there will always be pressure to conform, but the student who stands out as a leader is the one who not only knows him or herself completely and is comfortable in that knowing, but is also courageous enough to set a standard of behavior by good example.  My beautiful blonde niece goes to a snobby school, but instead of being in a clique, she gravitates toward the shy underdog.  Now she is seen as a leader, one who is compassionate and helpful.  Now the popular kids gravitate to her!  So take time to know and like yourself, and to see yourself as a leader, not a follower.

Did you know I don't just tutor in my spare time? I am also a princess party host! You're probably wondering what that is. Long story short? I visit parties and other events in character as Rapunzel. I either run the party while I'm there or just hang out as part of the festivities. Of course, at all times I remain in character as the princess Rapunzel - long hair and all. It's great fun! Part of why I do this is because I believe every girl is a princess! It doesn't matter what she wears or where she's from. The other reason is that dressing up never stops being fun. When I lived in Utah, I worked with Pirate and Princess Parties of Utah. Now that I have moved to NOLA, I am pleased to say I've gone into business for myself doing freelance parties. And I have good news... I have officially booked my first freelance party since arriving in Louisiana! Happy studying and happy tutoring! ~Karli

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