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**Announcement** I have had close to a full load of students, making it difficult to schedule with new students recently. However, my Wed. night ACT student is now complete, and have I prime-time slot open, Wed. after 5pm. My weekday afternoons have been completely booked as of late, so if you are looking for something during the week, let me know as soon as possible and I can reserve this slot for you!

Are you having some difficulties with your math or science class? Many students have this feeling at some point during the semester. Unfortunately, most of them think that the new chapter will be starting soon and then everything will be ok. While this might be the case, math and science are two subjects where the material builds from chapter to chapter. Missing a key formula or concept in one chapter can really affect how the rest of the semester goes. So don't wait too long to get some help. Maybe all you need is one or two sessions with a tutor to clear up a concept. Hiring a tutor doesn't have to be a long term commitment. But if it turns out that more help is necessary, you've made a great decision in starting early. Remember, it is better to have a tutoring session early and clear up any misconceptions than to feel like you need to learn a whole semester of material in a day or two before the final.

My name is Jean L. I am a dedicated teacher who will help your K-5th grade student. I can work with your child after school, weekends, days of no school, and holidays. I can work in your home, library, or my house. If needed I may even be able to work with your child at your place of employment if allowed. Please contact me to talk about your child's needs. I will have your child complete a pre-assessment, tutoring, and a post assessment! Ms. Jean

With the summer sadly coming to a close, many of us are starting to get back into school and study mode. With the new school year comes a multitude of uncharted territory: new subjects, new teachers, a new schedule, and perhaps even a new school! With all of these unknown variables confronting us in the foreseeable future, it is important to have in place strategies for success. Today, I want to address one strategy for helping to cope with new subjects and even more so, new teachers. As I am sure you know from your schooling experience, every subject is different and no two teachers teach alike. Mr. Smith's chemistry class in New York probably looks and feels very different from Mrs. Johnson's classroom in Dallas. While the students in both of those classrooms will most likely have very similar knowledge come next June, the way they arrive at that knowledge (and hopefully understanding) is driven by the individual teacher. Therefore, getting a feel for your teacher's style is... read more

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