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It's important to plan ahead - "get ahead of the game" whether planning for SAT/ACT or planning for this coming Fall, 2012. Most parents and students wait till they get an "unexpected bad grade" - then REACT. A tutor can help things turnaround at that point - but what about your other classes - do you ignore those to catch up? This is not a good situation. Pressure packed. If this happens to be the semester they are preparing and taking the SAT or ACT, or they have to prepare to take an AP exam - even more pressure. I am thinking primarily in terms of math/science. If your student can start a tough math or science course in the fall having already mastered several key fundamentals of that course, it will give them confidence, relieve stress, and move them to a higher level of understanding. Also plan ahead carefully in class selection. You want a strong high school resume, but not at the expense of a significant drop in grades. My own daughter took statistics... read more

SOH CAH TOA When working with Right Triangles in any Math and Science subject, especially Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Physics, many problems can be solved by remembering this Memory Jogger: Indian Chief SOH CAH TOA (sounds like soow caah towaah) Angle = A Sine A = Opposite/Hypotenuse Cosine A = Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tangent A = Opposite/Adjacent You can use these formulas to calculate and find missing angles or sides to solve various problems. Please contact me to help your student achieve the best grades possible in Math and Science. As a Chemical Engineer, I work on Math and Science problems all day, and tutor students in Math and Science in the evenings and weekends, including students from Elementary School to College Graduate School. I help students learn to see how Math and Science can be fun and useful in daily life, school, and career choices. All the best, John M.

Dear Students and Parents, As I begin tutoring my first student in the upcoming week, I'd like to give those that are still looking for a tutor a snapshot of available times that I'm available but can be adjusted to fit your own schedule: During the school year: Monday through Friday: 2pm - 6:00pm Saturday: 9:30am - 3:00pm Sunday: 9:30am - 6:00pm Depending on whether your child is elementary, middle school, or high school, the time they get out of school varies. Please note that this time block is in no way set in stone. In addition, if your child is in need of more time, I most certainly will extend the time block for your child. Summer: Monday through Sunday: 9:30am - 6:00pm Online tutoring through Skype or any other messenger is absolutely available at any time. Please request ahead of time, to ensure everything will work smoothly. If you have any questions, comments, or would like a tutor for yourself or child, please feel free to let me... read more

1. No one was born to lose. The best of my students understand this principle like the backs of their hands. No, there is no inherent genetic formula or organic compound you can use to get an A in a class. We are all products of our hardwork and investments. Whoever decides to put in excellent work will definitely reap excellent results. 2. Always aim for gold. Have you heard that there is a pot of gold lying somewhere at the end of the rainbow? It's true! Okay, I'm just joking, but my best students always aim for the gold. The very best. As, not Bs, or Cs, or Ds. Just the very best. The one thing people don't think they are capable of achieving is the best. The top of the class. Or the valedictorian. 3. Never settle for less. My best students are innovative, inquisitive thinkers. They tend to think outside the box, never settling for "just what they got from class." They love to use real life examples and explore how theory comes alive in their personal experiences... read more

I'm new to this site and can't wait to help you. Got questions? I got answers! Whether you need some simple study skills and techniques or if you have very specific problems in a subject, I can help. Let me show you how all these subjects work together and are not isolated disciplines that you're never going to use. I'll show you the relevance of each subject and how they're all integrated. Learning is so much fun when you understand why you need to know.

Hi everyone! I am waiting for my first customer I would love to be the one helping your loved one succeed and reach their full potential! I have great flexibility as I am transitioning into becoming a stay at home mom and working as a private ABA therapist and BCBA. I have a true passion for helping those with special needs and I love blending my two favorite fields---psychology and education. I would enjoy the opportunity to show you all my capabilities! Give me the chance and I won't disappoint. I am friendly, patient and encouraging! I believe everyone is capable and there is hope for all...we just need the confidence, support and understanding that we all work at our own pace.

At least four people have asked what I was talking about by the "matchstick rocket propulsion experiment" in my free response. Being a total nerd, I was super excited to share one of my favorite things in the world. It's one of my favorites because it combines two of my favorites: 1) elementary science experiments and 2) space and rocketry. So, without further adieu, I present a link to the sheer awesomeness. On NASA's site no less! If you can't click on the link, just copy/paste it into your browser URL or omnibar.

My emerging tutoring passion is assisting ESL college students with their coursework. Most of them must also hold full-time jobs to support themselves and often their families as well. Many require online courses to get college educations. They could not earn a college degree any other way. Do textbook publishing companies realize how much cultural bias is written into their online ancillary (supplemental) materials? Do teachers of online college courses realize how hopeless these students feel about merely passing a class when their grades depend on online multiple-choice exams consisting of 60 items to be completed in 60 minutes (60 in 60), for example? This may be a subtle form of cultural bias, but bias it is. Frankly, as a native speaker of American English with a master’s degree in journalism from University of Wisconsin—Madison, I’m not sure I could pass a 60 in 60 exam. I would like to challenge the instructors who teach these online courses and college administrators... read more

These days, students and parents are busier than ever, and I understand that tutoring may be just one item of many on the family calendar. Since my goal has been to make life easier for parents and students by offering you high quality private tutoring in the convenience of your own home unless you preferred the quietness of your tutor home instead. I am a dedicated Tutor who loves seeing students succeed in school, and who recognizes the importance of patience and creativity when helping students. I am able to give enthusiastic and enjoyable lessons and I have the ability to make any subject interesting. I have been tutoring since before I started college in 2005. I am a graduate from Jacksonville University, where I received a Master in Business Administration degree. I am looking forward to serving your needs as a tutor. I also understand that Math and Advanced Sciences are very challenging, and they present students with concepts that are totally foreign and at times utterly... read more

Earlier in the semester I had my week filled during the day. I had two UCF students, a Valencia student, and an FlVS student. Thankfully, most of those were completed early (one joined the USAF) and now my days are wide open. If you are a college student looking for tutoring, or you have a son or daughter who is home schooled or doing FlVS, tutors are extremely busy from 4-8pm, what we call "Prime Time". Take advantage of the opportunity, and let's set something up during the day! Message me for more information.

Most of us tend to think that science is all about equations. But language is just as important as numbers are to the scientific endeavor. E.O. Wilson, the famous biologist, once stated that he doesn't even consider himself as acting like a scientist until he sits down and starts writing. Words are central to science, and so when you're teaching or studying the sciences, it's a good idea to focus on writing as a tool for learning. What I recommend for my students is to build a master list of new vocabulary terms. I have them write definitions in their own words of what those terms mean, and I use that list to quiz them. This serves a few purposes. First, it helps students build their understanding of language of science. Second, for who struggle with attention or other learning disabilities, it helps them to focus on the key ideas of the course. As a grad student in science education I learned that there is a lot of evidence to indicate that revising notes, focusing on vocabulary,... read more

Hello Students and Parents! I just wanted to send out a post telling everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween this year. The holidays are going to be cold, so bundle up! I'd also like to update everyone on my location. I have moved to Terre Haute, IN and live in an apartment just off of 7th. However, tutoring will not take place at my apartment due to the location and neighborhood, so I'd like everyone to know that I will be doing tutoring on campus at Indiana State. Exact locations can be discussed through e-mails and/or phone calls. High school students, it's getting closer to finals! I encourage you to e-mail me if you need any help at all. If you're a high school student and you really need help terribly, message me about the rates. I would hate to see a student fail because they could not afford tutoring. Middle school parents, being involved in your student's education is very important. If you feel your child is struggling in school, please don't hesitate to e-mail... read more

Hi, I spent some time studying NC Geology, and have come up with a unique Earthcache for a spot in my town of Kernersville. It's a bit information dense and probably should be whittled down, but it was fun to do. Most importantly it has connected people to the Earth below and around them. Check it out: I have a couple more floating around in my head, but haven't had the chance to research, write and post.

“Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” In Math subjects the Math Order of Operations is very important to solve the problem correctly. The phrase listed above is an easy way to remember the correct Math Order of Operations: Please = P = Parenthesis Excuse = E = Exponent My = M = Multiplication Dear = D = Division Aunt = A = Addition Sally = S = Subtraction I tutor all Math subjects. As a Chemical Engineer, I have completed college graduate level math subjects, and I was always at the top 3 in my class in Math subjects. As a tutor, the Math subjects are the most frequent subjects that I tutor. Please contact me to not only learn your Math subjects, but to relate to their practical application. Also as an added bonus, I can show you how this Math knowledge can be applied to savings and personal finance to save and make you money. I hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, John

On June 2, 1989, my life changed forever. A brand new world was brought to my attention. I moved into the main land of the United States. I am Puerto Rican, meaning natural born American, but was raised on the island of Puerto Rico. Don't get me wrong, I have always been more fourtunate than most people with my condition. You see, I have a condition called Spina Bifida. I guess it would make more sense if I explain myself. Normally, during the first month of a pregnancy, the two sides of the spine (or backbone) join together to cover the spinal cord, spinal nerves and meninges (the tissues covering the spinal cord). Spina bifida refers to any birth defect involving incomplete closure of the spine. Myelomeningocele is the most common type of Spina Bifida. It is a neural tube defect in which the bones of the spine do not completely form, resulting in an incomplete spinal canal. This causes the spinal cord and meninges (the tissues covering the spinal cord) to stick out of the... read more

When I was in college I double majored in math and chemistry. Then, and now, I got comments about it being an odd combination. That is just not true. Math and science make the perfect combination. In biology you have decay rates, population tracking, and probabilities and statistics. Algebra is the tool in general chemistry while calculus is the tool of physical chemistry. You also have decay rates and probabilities and statistics in chemistry. Physics is all about the math. Whether algebra or calculus based, physics is about calculating velocities, times, friction, etc. I have found my math background to be extremely helpful my chosen field of chemistry. I can't imagine studying any scientific field without using some form of mathematics. So, if you are thinking of being a scientist, study math. And if you are studying math, think of the endless applications in science.

Hello everyone! Yes, my job is to help students get high levels in challenging classes. Even if I do a wonderful job at helping them and get A's in all their classes, I am still only doing half of my job. The other half of my job is just as important. It starts with preparation, and ongoing learning on my part. I am excited about Physics and Math because there is always novel developments in science and technology, and... there are always new methods of teaching! I must constantly be improving my teaching, knowledge and communication skills, in order to help my students maximize their own potential. So it is not just about students learning what they need to learn. It's also about me learning as much as I can to help myself do a great job at teaching them. It's all about the student, but it has to start with me doing my part professionally. I always like to learn new things, and I hope to help cultivate that attitude the passion of learning in each student that I work with. As... read more

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