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Thank you for choosing me to be your child’s tutor. I strive to be the best tutor I can be and welcome your input and insights. This process takes time, even when the student is really trying. “Trying” means: listening and taking notes in class, attempting homework, and actively participating in our sessions. Please know that I am rooting for your child’s success! Please see the lists below of expectations and tutoring information. Session Info: • Sessions are 1 hour minimum. Longer sessions can be accommodated at the request of the parents. • 24 hour cancellation policy (see below) • Parents are encouraged to stay the first 1 – 2 times. After that, I prefer that it is just the student and I. In my experience, students are more relaxed, focused and perform better when parents are not around. I always communicate with the parents at the end of each session. • Student participation in sessions to include problem solving, asking and answering... read more

As summer break is winding down, many students look ahead to fall and one question is on their minds: how can I start this year strong? Well, trust me, your teachers are saying the same thing (yes, your teachers are people too). For teachers and students alike, fall is a time to start over and begin the year anew.   Chances are, you've grown as a person over the summer. I remember the fall of my junior year in high school, several students came back looking like completely different people because they had grown and changed so much over the summer. Be prepared for this. You may want to take a moment to put some effort into your own appearance, which brings me to tip #3:   3. Buy a back to school outfit (or two). Even if your budget is limited, Old Navy has some great stuff, even if it's just a few new pairs of socks or t-shirts. Or go for a few new outfits at your favorite store. Keeping your appearance neat the first week of school will make a great impression... read more

As summer comes to an end, we see the crazed effects that the back to school season brings with it, a chaotic maelstrom of bodies flying about through the campus bookstore, the enduring lines of disgruntled faces waiting to be served by the cashier, a babe crying while the mother withstands the impatient glances around her. If you are anything like me, you would cringe at the thought of having to waste precious time engaging in such a tediously wretched task. And in today's world, who has the time for such things? With such a strong emphasis in our society placed on productivity and efficiency, it is unfavorable to squander that which we have so little of. So what is the solution to this problem? It comes down to these two factors, time management and technology. Anticipating back to school preparations, weeks ahead, will save you stress and time. Give yourself a cushion to fallback on just in case any unforeseen predicaments take place. Schedule a time in your day to tackle... read more

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