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Last year I started back at college to complete the degree I always wished I had completed 25 years ago--a degree in Electrical Engineering. And, as a student I faced all the same obstacles high school graduates face--how to pay for it?   That's when I went ballistic on every website with any information on scholarships for people in my category: non-traditional; STEM; science and math related; as well as general scholarships.   45 days later and over $200,000 in scholarships applied for later, I am looking at hauling in about 10-15% of them, hopefully, around $30,000 so far. In the next 90 days, i plan to apply for over $300,000 more.    My example should serve as an example, there is so much money out there, just think of it as a second job and apply for ALL scholarships that apply to your student.    I was ineligible for about half of the scholarships I looked at, because of my prior degree or being a non-trad student... read more

A key aspect I work on with each college applicant is applying for scholarships. Untold millions are set aside very year to give to students of all types to pay for college. Contrary to popular belief, money is out there for students of all kinds, regardless of ethnicity, family income, or academic achievement. The money is scattered about and I streamline the process, consolidate your scholarship search, and help you edit and craft compelling essays and personal statements. My work branding, goal setting, and essay writing for college admissions applies directly to scholarship applications. Corporations, non-profits, and institutions want to give away money to ambitious and prepared students, but your job as a student is to SELL them on you. Identify your brand and convince them that their money won’t be wasted on you. I aim to help every client pay for their investment with me many times over.    It’s almost guaranteed that your investment... read more

September is right around the corner and most high school students are still daydreaming of sandy beaches, barbecues, and endless days outside of school. The best thing about summer is that it relaxes your mind and the unfortunate fact about summer sedation is that sometimes student goals remain hazy. Scholarships are offered throughout the school hiatus and students that take advantage of applying for scholarships have a better chance at receiving awards. High school seniors, as well as, juniors need to take a proactive approach to increasing the possibilities of gaining much needed financial assistance for their college educations. Many students are learning what it takes to produce a winning scholarship application or essay and many more have found that in four years their lives were supposed to be focused. Focused on what? Community service, social networking campaigns, inventions and new ideas, finding a cure for Parkinsons, job development to name a few.   I am... read more

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