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The newest Wyzant poll asks about how we keep our schedules.  I use the Wyzant calendar to schedule the lessons and log into them, but I use a Google calendar to add them as well, so that my family has access to when I will be unavailable.  This is especially important since we're working from home during Covid19 restrictions and managing parenting. I invite my family to view the lesson time/date so they are able to better manage their own schedules.

Hello!  I am writing to let you know that in 2014, as an ART TUTOR I will be offering lessons that you don't need to haul any art equipment to.   If you want to schedule more then one lessons, and invite some friends, the lessons would have, food and music in a quiet not distracting setting and I would come to your residence.   Great for Summer parties with kids!  Adults can take in the fun too, for everyone needs some fun time, and down time, from everyday schedules.  I have an open backyard for painting if you prefer lessons at our home.  (Weather permitting.)    I am excited this year to try something new and FUN!  There is Art companies out there who can do the same thing, but you don't know the instructor.  Get to know me.  I am a mother of 5, and enjoy art.  I help out doing art in my daughters school once a month.  I have experience, and schooling, and a degree.   If you want an... read more

First, I would begin suggest developing a plan that is logical, clearly defined, and practical.  A majority of students have significant stress issues entirely due to poor or incomplete planning of their time.    The following is a real EXAMPLE of STUDENT A who commuted to two campuses every other day.  The student took three classes, but had decided on a five day class schedule at two different campuses that had significant traffic issues.  Her class schedule caused her to be at a school campus for nearly 12 hours each day.  When I met the student she had just been involved in a minor traffic accident the prior day and therefore was emotionally stressed.    I suggest using a simple 24 hour spreadsheet that includes time for sleeping and simply relaxing.  I was able to maximize her grades that semester and as an added service advised her on a more practical and convenient schedule with proper time allotments... read more

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