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During the school year, my students balance classes, sports, social lives, and sleep. Their schedules are hectic. During tutoring lessons, students often only have time to focus on the immediate assignments at hand in their classes. We usually have little time for test prep unless the student and parent has specifically requested that we focus solely on the SAT or ACT. So, when is the best time to study for the SAT or ACT? You guessed it. Summer vacation.    Many of my students have a summer schedule that gives their school year calendar a run for it's money. However, their busy summers do not contain nearly as many academic activities as their school year schedules. Most have summer sports, camp, or jobs. This is the perfect time to balance those physical and social activities with test prep. In addition, students can learn the ropes of the SAT or ACT better when they are not juggling other classes and tests. Every kind of standardized test is unique and it takes... read more

Ever wish you could take your side gig and turn it into a fulltime pursuit? That's just what I would do with tutoring because I simply love to tutor, and I am always trying to be better at what I do. Test prep is my tutoring specialty. During our sessions, my students learn subject-specific concepts, incorporate test-taking strategies, and build self-confidence. I assure them that with consistent practice and an unwavering eye on the prize, they can maximize their test results and achieve their academic, business, or personal goals. In fact, students of mine have gone on to attend their choice colleges, earn their teaching licenses, enlist in the US Air Force and other service branches, and pass the bar exam. I so appreciate the extra time my busy clients have taken to express their satisfaction with my services. In return, I want to thank all of my students since 1997 for allowing me to continue tutoring, learning, and enhancing my services to better meet... read more

As we go about the beginning of yet another school year, let us not forget about the al importnat tutoring. I have had students who want to try the beginning of the school year on their own. I woudl suggest to any parent to allow their student to be a bit independent but ensure tha tthey are staying focused on their school work and not being dsistracted by their technology (smartphones, tablets and ipods)! I would recommend tutoring at least once a week during the first few weeks to make sure that they are staying focused and 9 times out of 10 the student will be ready for you to come for tutoring. This way they can answer all of the questions that they will not ask in class and their grades will remain consistent. There is nothing more stressful for a child and parent than trying to find a GREAT tutor that can improve low scores in a weeks time. So get a tutor that is comfortable with the student and with the family.

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