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If you've ever run into an issue with Safari where it stalls and never loads a web page, yet other browsers work okay, then this just might be the answer to your dreams.   Since Safari tries to load a page and then immediately fails, and you've verified you do have Internet access with another browser like Firefox, it's safe to assume there's a DNS issue (if DNS breaks, you simply can't find web pages by their name). Specifically it's a switch for something called DNS prefetching.   I have personally seen this issue under OS X Mavericks 10.9.5, but it's been a known problem since at least Safari 5.01 under OS X 10.7 Lion. DNS prefetching is enabled by default, and on some machines, with some routers, it can break Safari completely. Disabling prefetching isn't something you can do in Safari's preferences, but you can still tell OS X.   There's one command that needs to be run in the Terminal. You can find Terminal in Applications/Utilities. Just... read more

Did you know... ...that you can refresh your browser window using the keyboard? Try it! Press CTRL+F5 to refresh a window in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Note: F5 is a function key - the function keys are usually found at the top of your keyboard. If you are using a laptop, you may need to press an additional key to access the function keys. Sometimes this key is labelled Fn.

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