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   Before I begin this blog, I want to explain the reason for the periodic updates to my guidelines. Although my guidelines have remained largely the same, I have adjusted them slightly during my years of tutoring to best suit the demographics in which I have worked. This blog reflects such an adjustment. Now, the blog:    Although I am not new to tutoring, a year ago, I was new to online tutoring through Wyzant. At that time, I made a set of guidelines for my students that I have since realized can be confusing. Therefore, I am making a blog that contains, in simpler formatting, the rules for tutoring with me. I will sometimes repeat information or use less-than-professional language throughout this blog in order to increase the chances of an accurate translation for students who use Google Translate to understand my blogs. Information on my philosophy and approach will be available in separate blogs, God willing.                                   ... read more

In mathematics, different functions has different rules and I can see a lot of students are struggling with the rules for integers. So I'll kindly discuss the rules for each operation: + - * /   Addition   (-) + (-) = (-) Ex: -9+-8=-17   (+) + (+) = (+) Ex: 4+6=10   (+) + (-)  [Remember to always take the bigger number sign and use the opposing operation, which is subtraction to solve the equation.] Ex: 5+-3=2   (-) + (+)  Ex: -9+8=-1 [Same rule follow as above]   Subtraction   (-) - (-)  Ex: -9-(-8) = -9+8 [When two negatives are next to each other you change to its opposing operation: addition and change the 8 into a positive integer.]   (+) - (+) = (+) [Unless the first integer is smaller than the second. Ex: 5-8= 5+-8 [Then you follow the rule... read more

Due to winter weather and my use of the bus system, my tutoring guidelines have changed. Please review the new guidelines below, and let me know if you have any questions. Changes from the old guidelines are typed in bold print. As a tutor, you will find me friendly, flexible, and committed to your success. I look forward to finding lesson times, study methods, and learning styles that work for your specific needs. I am happy to let you direct your own learning process as much as you want. However, guidelines are necessary in any business relationship so that everyone is on the same page. Below are the guidelines for adults who are studying with me. This document tells you what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. By beginning tutoring with me, you are agreeing to these terms. I am so excited to work with you! :) Adult Tutoring Guidelines God willing, you can expect me to: 1) Be respectful and positive in the learning process 2) Be punctual... read more

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