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As a retired English professor, I graded literally thousands of essays.  I know what I am doing.  So, you send me your essay for corrections.  You get it back with the equivalent of arterial blood spray on it.  What do you do next?   First, be delighted that someone had the courage to give you an honest opinion.  Do you really want someone to tell you "oh, this is wonderful!" and later get a bad grade?  I hope not.  While it sounds harsh, the best thing your tutor can do is tell you that you have messed up - badly.   Second, go slam a door, kick the couch, or do something really physically tiring.  Chances are, you are furious with your tutor.  You need to work out the frustration that comes with being told that you are not the next great American writer.  Under no circumstances should you call your tutor and yell or send a nasty email.  You are paying for the truth - and you got what you paid... read more

Who wouldn't like to communicate clearly and persuasively to others on the first try?  After all, we have ideas and opinions that are important to us!  While many people can make compelling arguments in person, explaining these same ideas in writing can seem more challenging.  Writing well is a process that involves research, planning, and revision.  Once you have an initial draft about a topic that you have carefully considered, here are some easy editing tips that are frequently overlooked but greatly help to keep your ideas clear and well organized. Writing clear sentences is half the battle so keep these basic rules in mind . . . 1.  Capitalize new sentences.  This may seem very obvious, but people often fail to do so in their haste or due to errors while typing on assorted devices.  Every time you start a new sentence, be sure to capitalize the first letter of the first word.  Example:  Busy writers sometimes forget to... read more

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