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If English is your second language and you would like another pair of eyes to review your final research paper prior to submission, please contact me. I'm available online, via email, and for those graduate students located in Central Florida, in person. I've assisted many nursing professionals, whose second language is English, to achieve an A on a final research project. My experience includes reviewing papers written for online graduate courses, papers written in group collaboration, rough drafts (minimum 5 pages with draft in-text citations and draft bibliography, plus copies of supporting research articles), and final research papers. I can consult with you at any stage during your research and writing process. I've even helped students breakthrough challenges such as writer's block and brainstormed ideas for research projects!   Sometimes writers feel overwhelmed and I can help by reviewing the professor's rubric, writing assignment criteria, and any email... read more

Everyone has their own approach to writing. Some writers are very methodical throughout the entire writing process while others write freely and revise their way to the final draft. For proposals and admissions essays, a structured writing process draws from the strengths of both approaches. It starts with a creative focus and concludes with deliberate writing and revision. First, with the requirements and prompt in mind, the writer lets him or herself write and think freely. Second, the writer reviews his or her own notes and ideas to identify a cohesive focal point. Next, the writer distills the ideas into a concrete thesis and engages peers, friends, family, and instructors to develop and strengthen the arguments. Finally, the writer lays out the elements that support the thesis and backs it with specific examples or anecdotes. Creative Stage. In this stage, the writer thinks and writes freely but not chaotically. It starts with a careful review of the requirements laid... read more

How to read a paper, especially the research paper. You will need three pass from the view of a professor in University of Waterloo. Reading papers is not the same as reading textbook, which the chapters have been arranged in the sequence of learning.    The first pass is a quick scan to get a bird's-eye view of the paper. You can also decide whether you need to do any more passes based on your quick scan.  The scan will include the abstract, the title for each section, and the subtitle of the technique sections. Skip the details of the formulas and proofs. You will stop at the first pass if the topic or the idea of the paper does not interests you. In the second pass, read the paper with greater care, but ignore details such as proofs. Focus on understanding the figures, make a note of the import references, which you may further need to read further in the future if necessary. This step may take an hour or more to get a more general idea than the... read more

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