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Beginning in high school but sometimes as late as college, you will be tasked by a teacher or professor with a topic for which you will need to write a research paper with secondary sources, secondary sources being other papers written by authorities in the field in which they are writing their respective papers. Research papers help demonstrate that you have the intelligence and discipline to pursue a topic and provide objective or scholarly information to support your topic. A research paper can be stressful, certainly if lack prior experience in how to research properly. Hopefully, this list of strategies below will be helpful in reducing stress and saving time.   1) Do NOT Wait until the Last Minute! Waiting until the last minute to WRITE your paper once you have your secondary sources is one thing, but waiting to BEGIN your secondary sources research at the last minute with the expectation of also WRITING at the last minute is another; neither of which is... read more the greatest resource for young and old writers, who want to research a topic.  A good starting place is the reference librarian who is trained to assist in general research, and is a guide through the many references, for example the "guide to periodical literature."  In addition, there are always the traditional sources both on-line and in hard-copy, for example Britannica and World Book. 

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