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Wyzant is my favorite hobby, as well as my chosen occupation.  I spend hours at least, on an average, working with the Internet, my own library of teaching materials, and public library resources, preparing for each lesson, plus often an hour in follow-up.  I am a long-time researcher from my completion of:     (1) Paralegal Certificate from the Roosevelt University Lawyer;s Assistant Program,   (2) Associate Degree in Data Processing with High Honors from the City Colleges of Chicago, (3) Graduate school credits, mostly from the Graduate School of Exceptional Education of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for an Endorsement in Special Education to my K-9 Illinois Teacher's Certificate, and (4) Credits in education with my B.A. in Liberal Arts with an English major from Dominican University.

The human muscular system is not only complex, it intrigues by the amount of work it can perform, and sustain under the most demanding conditions. There are many viable contenders for determining the strongest muscle, included are: longevity, strength alone, load, lift, durability, response to pain, healing qualities, size, function, growth, suitability in recovery and reproducibility of destroyed or diseased cells. Within the human body, there are several muscles that may be considered such as the heart, jaw, tongue, uterus, the list can go on until you have covered most of the over 630 muscles in the human body. The strongest muscle is that muscle required to work all day, every day without tiring or failure. It could be a group of muscles or a single muscle. It is the one that responds to high demand and allows us to function almost flawlessly. It is the one that is mechanically, the most perfect muscle. The muscle that outperforms any mechanical device conceived... read more

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