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I am sure most of you have noticed when scrolling through the questions under the Ask An Expert tab how many of them actually ask the tutors to do the described tasks for the students who ask the questions themselves.  Although we as tutors can report students who ask us to take tests, write whole essays and research papers, I think WyzAnt should start filtering out questions under Ask An Expert that explicitly ask tutors to carry out assignment tasks large and small.  Even though we as tutors can simply bypass those questions when looking for questions to answer under Ask An Expert that fit our own expertise, I think that if WyzAnt were to filter out such questions--namely ones that have keywords in them including "What do you think..." for argumentative-persuasive essay topics to be discussed from the students' own perspectives and knowledge, or "What is the answer to this problem?" for math exercises, for example, then students could also be alerted... read more

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