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I am very excited about the opportunity to work with your child or children. I love to take students from where they are and bring them up from there!  I have over 10 years elementary teaching experience from prekindergarten to fifth grade!  I love working with math and reading with students. I love watching a child's eyes light up when they learn something new!  I always try to use different strategies with students to match their learning style.  I would love to add your child to my tutoring profile!  I have availability this summer and fall during the weekdays and can also on some weekends! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

From an article I wrote for ' The Alternative' last year:   Have you ever considered a world where you couldn’t read? Not just books or newspapers, but menus, the labels on your medicine bottle, signs, subtitles or even the latest issue of your favourite magazine. Words permeate the world we live in. As a special educator, I started working with children who have learning difficulties in 2004 and the inaccessibility of a reluctant reader to the world of books, ideas and the company of visionary thinkers has both troubled and motivated me. As thinkers like Oprah Winfrey have shared, books can become the beacon of hope for those who live in hard, colourless and impoverished worlds. The lessons of tolerance, harmony, hope and possibilities exist within the pages of a book as do characters and settings of every hue. Books allow us to experience the catharsis and depth of our emotions through the life journeys of those we read about. Consider Rohan, a 11 year old who... read more

Hi: I would love to help your child or children with reading and comprehension. I'm an adult student earning a Masters of education (MEd) in curriculum and instruction -Applied Behavior Analysis.  I have experience working with students that are struggling readers including special education and IEPs. I have a theatrical background and try to make reading come to life by teaching kids to read by using vehicles such as monologues and drama/comedy, with a focus on reading comprehension and expression. Professional Development Certificate candidate: Academic Coaching and Tutoring/Accredited by the National Tutor Association, Current Fielding Graduate University - Santa Barbara, CA- Online. Lastly, I enjoy including any family member(s) that live in the same home as my student. Family literacy is key to success for struggling readers. I do not charge extra. I teach words bilingually English/Spanish Discounts: If you will work with... read more

 I recognize that students learn differently–so there is no one- size-fits-all approach.  I customize my services to meet the individual needs of each of our students, assessing their strengths and weaknesses and providing relevant support.  In addition to tutoring, I confer directly with parents/guardians on a regular basis and contact teachers about the progress of my students to customize my lessons based feedback I receive.   Three Reasons to choose a best fit service   1.  Best tutors (I) have the ability to make learning material to be understood by their students in a way they conceptualized during academic years. Best tutors are NOT always top academic performer! It is very similar to top athletes are not good coaches. Psychologically speaking, best tutors have the intuition for students they coach or mentor they experienced earlier by themselves or by their children... read more

I have several students who would be glad to read more, if they have books recommended to them that are 'interesting'. I'm compiling a list of books for different grade levels, and would appreciate any recommendations from tutors or parents.   My immediate need is for books for an advanced 5th grader, and a 9th grader who is only interested in sports and the Odyssey!   Also, I have an ESL student who likes interesting non-fiction. Who can recommend something that is good for a college-age student? Maybe a business book, or a biography?   Thanks for joining this conversation.   best, Monica  

I wanted to introduce myself to those interested in finding a Biology tutor. I currently hold a Masters degree in Biotechnology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Ever since I remember I have been interested in pursuing a career in Biology. I majored in Biology in high school and decided that I would continue with it (in any form). I decided to do my Bachelors in Biotechnology which introduced me to a variety of biological sciences. I subsequently pursued my Masters in Biotechnology and currently work in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry. I tutored friends, classmates and relatives in the subject when needed. I have always been told that I teach concepts clearly and in a simple, easy manner. I prefer teaching one-on-one as I can focus my entire attention in areas that the individual is weak in. During my Masters, I was a teaching assistant for the molecular/cell biology lab course for undergraduates. I have always received great feedback from students... read more

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