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I have several students who would be glad to read more, if they have books recommended to them that are 'interesting'. I'm compiling a list of books for different grade levels, and would appreciate any recommendations from tutors or parents.   My immediate need is for books for an advanced 5th grader, and a 9th grader who is only interested in sports and the Odyssey!   Also, I have an ESL student who likes interesting non-fiction. Who can recommend something that is good for a college-age student? Maybe a business book, or a biography?   Thanks for joining this conversation.   best, Monica  

If you are struggling to encourage a reluctant reader to read for at least 30 minutes per day, this website may help.  I began using this with Beginning English as a Second Language (ESL) students but have found that it also works well for K-6 readers as well.  Here are the instructions for accessing this FREE site:     Go to a. Under the heading marked Stories, click on Tumblebooks b. Click on Tumblebook Library c. Click on Story Books or Non-fiction Books d. Choose a book and then click Read Online

During Manhattan's extreme heat wave last week, when there was nothing to do except sit in the arm chair next to my air conditioner, I decided to take all the unread books down from my bookshelf and create a summer reading list. There is some new fiction and some classics that I never got around to. Here's my list! 1) A Nearly Perfect Copy by Allison Amend My friend Danny, who works as an editor at Random House, recommended this novel of family and forgery, which conjures the rarefied international art world. 2) Dancing for Degas by Kathryn Wagner This novel, about young Parisian ballerina, is about everything I can't do -- dance and paint. 3) Gilead by Marilynne Robinson Like Shakespeare, it takes me a while to get accustomed to Robinson's spare prose. But once you're in, its like magic. 4) Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc I read this years ago, but it's required double reading for any New Yorker. 5) The Collected Stories of... read more

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