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Welcome to my blog, I'm so pleased that you're interested in hiring me as your tutor, did you know that our future lies ahead of us, but without the proper education, how? Can we succeed in the goals that we've set for ourselves? That's why education plays an important role in my life and the lives of those, whom I come in contact with during my daily journals in the surrounding Los Angels County area. My goal is to provide the best and beyond when it comes to sharing my skills or knowledge with a student, I value your future and the ability for you to be well equipped and educated in whatever subject matter I'm going to engage in teaching you about. Therefore, I welcome you to contact me by e-mail and let me know if there's anyway I can serve your tutoring needs. I have been in the field of education and tutoring for more than 4 years, teaching on such subjects such as Basic Math, Language Arts, Computer training skills in the areas of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,... read more

Immediately after my previous grammar lesson blog, I had a few more common errors I wanted to mention. A tutor had commented on my blog and said, "An additional grammatical error that occurs frequently is good vs well. If you perform an activity with skill, you have done it well not good. You can throw a good pitch for example but if someone asks how is he pitching today, the answer should be He is pitching well." Some other common mistakes are: I. Affect vs. Effect Affect is to directly have an impact on something. The loud noises affected the boys studying Effect is the outcome of something. Higher grades are an effect of studying. II. Than vs. Then Than shows amount. Sally has far more candy than Larry. Then shows time. We went to grocery store then we went to the pet store. III. To vs. Too vs. Two To means to go towards something. Would you like to go to the mall? Too means also or in excessive... read more

Proof-reading students' academic papers, in order to help them feel confident about themselves is something I enjoy doing. Writing is a tool for learning, communicating, and expressing ideas. As students navigate the academic journey, they are expected to write and express ideas in different forms and styles, depending on the area of study. Writing is used by instructors / professors to assess students' learning in terms of how much they know about a topic, subject, audience, event, or an academic area. In keeping with this activity, students have to incorporate conventions of writing in a specific area of study, the prevailing conceptions and ideas current in the discipline, accuracy, sources of information, as well as, their personal views, and understandings of the topic. My experience as a professional educator, has given me ample understanding of students' approaches to academic writing (papers and /or end-of- year projects). Some students take their assignment serious, hence,... read more

Students who struggle with writing will benefit from proofreading in stages by focusing on one component at a time. It is important to develop strategies that encourage the student to stop periodically and check the work in a step-by-step fashion. I often find that teaching memory tricks helps the student to approach proofreading in stages. Memory tricks also help the student to remember each stage of the proofreading process. The following acronyms are useful memory tricks that I have used in the past. The strategy you use depends on the student's grade level and writing level. COPS (Useful with beginning writers) * Capitalization * Organization * Punctuation * Spelling STOPS (Useful with grades 2 and 3) * Sentence Structure * Tenses * Organization * Punctuation * Spelling SCOOPS (Useful with grade 3 and above) * Spelling * Capitalization * Organization * Overall format * Punctuation * Sentence Structure... read more

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the WyzAnt tutoring team! What a wonderful way to connect students with tutors. Today is my first day and I do not yet have any students. So, come and get your time slots before my schedule is full ... From Preschool to College (and beyond), I can supply your tutoring needs. Whether you need a refresher course for review, a crash course for a test, weekly help with homework, or just need to learn a new subject ... I can help! So, contact me, and "Let's get some work done!" -Laura

Hi, I am new to the WyzAnt team of tutors. I am looking forward to being selected as your child's tutor. I am a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. I obtained my educational (Bachelor's and Master's) degrees from Lock Haven University and Edinboro University. I am certified in Special Education, English 7 - 12, and as a Reading Specialist.

So far, most of my English students have needed help with writing. Several also worked with me on reading, editing and speech. Of course, whatever the English application, it involves vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, idioms, syntax, pronunciation, penmanship, and more. My students have ranged from 8-year olds to middle-aged adults in graduate school doing properly annotated research papers. Besides Americans, their nationalities include Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Filipino (2). Words are fun and sometimes beautiful.

Many people focus on using "proper grammar" because when they have a difficult time understanding something, grammar is an easy thing to blame. However, when a writer with poor skills in sentence structure, spelling, and comma usage takes the time to construct an effective outline, many readers fail to notice the lack of skills in grammar. Likewise, many writers who feel they have poor skills focus only on their own ability with grammar. Instead, writers should make sure they have solid ideas and an effective outline before working on anything as minor as mechanics. Then, after they've gotten everything down on paper, they can work on making what they wrote easier to understand. That's all grammar is for, really -- to help you make other people understand what you want them to. Using the proper 'register' or 'variety' are just buzzwords. When you know what you are saying and understand who you are saying it to, you'll do just fine.

Writing? Can writing be easy? The fear of writing, called "Writer's Block," most likely results from the fear of failing to write that "Perfect" something. The cure for Writer's Block? Just write words, any words, until meaningful words creep onto the page. In short order, the writing begins to make sense, and ideas flow. Ban worry, oust your inner censor...write. Edit later. How to edit? Rules: * Use short sentences * Use active voice Example: The cat ate the fish. (active) not The fish was eaten by the cat. (passive)   * Get rid of as many forms of the verbs "To be, To have, To do, or Can" as possible * Get rid of as many adverbs as possible * Create new, but similar, phrases to replace cliches * Use only "Said" with dialog Study these paragraphs... Sample #1: Many tools for helping students to write are found on the Internet. And access to these tools can be immediately... read more

One word describes how most students view the study of grammar. Boring! Want other descriptive words? Scary! Awful! So, why do you want to study a subject that many students classify as being about as enjoyable as undergoing a root canal? What is grammar, and why do you need it? What exactly do you need to know about grammar to master grammar skills it in your life? Besides, don't most people take grammar for granted...seldom giving how they use words a second thought...using slang, cliches and idioms to communicate their ideas? That is exactly why you need to learn grammar...the slang, cliches and idioms that you use to communicate your thoughts stereotype you as being "uneducated," even if you are brilliant. If you grew up using the language of an ethnic group (or a language other than English), you may find that people who evaluate you in the world of formal education (and in the world of work) do not promote you. Habits of using non-standard... read more

Getting started can be such fun really. I remember when I began writing my first book. Proofreading and editing my own work was a real challenge--but it became very easy after a while. Reading is always a challenge in the beginning for our children, but it can also be fun and exciting too. I look forward to getting started soon with new students! - Katie aka Ayasta

Knowing a student's 'Learning Style' is one of the most valuable pieces of information for educators. Just as each person is an individual, with their own voice, likes and dislikes; individual students actually learn in different ways. The preferred manner that a student best learns, retains, and expresses information, is known as their 'Learning Style'. Identifying the individual student's Learning Style enables the educator to prepare appropriate curriculum, as well as more effective lesson plans, thus presenting information in the manner most beneficial for the student's understanding. For example: If a 1st grade student is 'tactile' or 'kinesthetic', which means that they need to touch and move for learning, this student would most likely perform poorly in a traditional structured classroom setting. A tactile learner needs to 'touch' to 'see', and would benefit greatly by utilizing math manipulatives, such as dominos, or cubes for learning addition, subtraction, and even... read more

Writing a theme paper? A research paper? Maybe an essay? Well, don't panic just yet. Here are some basic tips for any project/assignment that requires structured writing. Brainstorm - Toss those ideas, words, phrases, questions in the basket and then... Outline! - Your project should follow an outline, this will help you stay on topic as you write. Narrow your scope to 3 points of interest, 3 ideas or 3 subjects to compare, argue, etc. It's a conversation, Hello - Introduction Conversation topic - Body Goodbye - Summary Consider your audience - Can a novice or amateur on this topic make sense of your information? Proofread Do the paragraphs expound on the topic sentence? Does the paper transition well from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and topic to topic? Transitional Devices Choose your words as an 'educated person' Thesaurus- use it! Refrain from slang or common language, and writing in 1st person (I,... read more

The English language abounds with homophones, words which share the same sounds, but have different meanings and, especially, spellings. There are also near homophones. These can be confusing to writer and reader alike. Most of the time the context tells the reader which word is intended, but sometimes it may mislead the reader. Therefore, it is important to properly spell the word you are using to clarify your meaning. The wrong choice among homophonic spellings may not only confuse your readers, it can make them stumble in reading your material. And it can make a poor impression when a good impression counts. Examples of this are resumes, cover letters and reports. So how do we keep homophones straight? We may memorize many sets of homophones. But many of us have trouble just remembering what amounts to another list. I suggest using mnemonics. A mnemonic is a device which aids memory. What I am suggesting is mnemonic sentences or phrases which use the homophones in a set together... read more

Education is my passion, and my cause is to help students learn using their learning style. Each student REALLY can succeed, and find great joy in the process! I enjoy working with elementary school students, college students, and anywhere in between or beyond. Early grade reading and math are my strongest interests, but only because I believe in getting students on the right track early. Do not despair! You (or your child) are not stupid or lousy at school. I firmly believe there is no such thing. There is hope. With the proper tools and support, you will succeed. Please let me help you. It would be my joy to set your ship sailing on the cruise of a lifetime. That cruise is your journey to educational success. Select me as your tutor, and see for yourself!

"Whether you think you can or think you can't... YOU ARE RIGHT!" There is no better saying when it comes to building confidence in school, athletics, music, social circles, work and any other area of life. Sometimes, the problem is not that the student can't understand the curriculum, it's simply that they are afraid to speak up and offer the answers. In so many aspects of life, if you don't get noticed, then you get looked over, passed on, and sent along like any average Joe in the crowd. Sometimes the brightest minds are trapped behind closed mouths. People who are passionate and who speak for themselves get promotions, higher pay, greater recognition and more respect. These are the leaders in our society! I can help your student develop the confidence they need to succeed! When someone has confidence, then chances are, they'll pass the test!

As a fashion industry entrepreneur, I think both creatively and analytically in order to increase the sales accounts and public awareness for my clients. The key is to "find the story," that special edge that sets them apart from the rest. Then, I develop that story into well-crafted, charismatic press releases that are distributed online and to my network of fashion industry editors. I blog about each client's unique qualities and create targeted email newsletters that are distributed to retail buyers across the nation. Whereas the designer creates the physical product, I cultivate the emotional appeal that leads to customers buying their creations. As a working Public Relations and Marketing professional, I will help each student realize their distinct creative voice. This leads to increased self-confidence and improved performance in all aspects of scholastics, athletics, career opportunities, and social life. I look forward to working with you!

Hello Students and Prospective Students! I just wanted to let you know that I'm available for tutoring all summer long in Champaign, IL.  If you'd like help with summer reading or other projects, or want to give yourself an edge on next year's material, clarify something you never quite got, or just generally improve your understanding of one of my subjects, please send me an email!  I am certified to teach a variety of math and writing levels. ~Ellen 

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