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A lot of people don't connect clear speaking with writing skills, but I've noticed that lots of students, from elementary school through college make errors in spelling and grammar because of the influence of hearing others pronounce words incorrectly. For example,  "I don't know weather I'm going" or "Could you be quite, please? or "Me and my friend are...." The first two contain errors in spelling; the third has an error in grammar.  But the way people pronounce words or use ungrammatical speech can "crossover" into written language.  And the less someone reads, the more apt this is to happen.  I observe these errors a lot when I'm tutoring.   I studied voice articulation with someone considered to be the "best" teacher of this subject in the country, and proper pronunciation was drilled into me.  Here's a little exercise to practice differentiating "whether" from "weather."   Here... read more

Look at the Youtube video I found at this website- it's about "th": I found these: This is a good website. You can practice any of these difficult "minimal pairs" here: ---> including especially the TH v. Z like:

Hello, ESL/ESOL friends!   WOULD YOU LIKE TO: ~ practice your English skills? ~ work on pronunciation, pragmatics, vocabulary/idioms? ~ learn more about American culture? ~ play games? ~ go on field-trips (karaoke, movies, restaurants, events, etc.)?   The new year is beginning...and so is the new semester. Who's ready to get their tutoring on???? Along with regular private tutoring session I'm creating weekly Conversation Clubs to help you guys practice your language skills.   I am offering these group sessions at a discounted rate - $25/per person/per session.   Contact me with days/times you would prefer. When I get a few responses I will set up our first session.   C'mon...let's chat!

Ne prononcez pas le « ent ». Lorsque vous conjuguez un verbe à la troisième personne du pluriel, ne prononcez pas le « ent ». Par exemple: Ils croient (se prononce comme « croit » ou « crois ») Ils aiment (se prononce comme « aime ») Ils attachent (se prononce comme « attache ») Si quelqu’un prétend vous enseigner le français mais prononce le « ent » comme si c’était « ant », cette personne a probablement appris le français dans un pays anglophone. Cordialement, Pierre-Luc

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