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Project management combines people skills, general management skills, ethical standards, logical sequencing, and problem solving.  It is a dynamic profession.  It differs across industries.  The difficulty for both the learner and the instructor is that each brings their professional experiences into the learning environment.   The only way to mitigate this fact is to champion the fundamentals, to believe that the fundamentals, when properly executed, will work across industries. This requires the learner and the instructor to check their experiences at the door so that learning about the fundamentals can occur.  This approach levels the playing field by making the focus theoretical based.    This takes the focus away from defending or attacking theories and instead directs the learning towards how best to utilize these fundamental concepts in the daily application of project management.  I have taught many boot camps, collegiate... read more

Defining the scope of a project is the process of developing a detailed description of the project and product (PMBOK, 2013, pg 105). According to Shelly and Rosenblatt (2011, pg 74), defining the scope means to precisely define the specific extent of the project. For example, a statement that reads "the project scope is to modify the accounts payable system", is not as specific as the statement "the project is to allow customers to inquire online about account balances and recent expense payments".   In the article by Khan, Project Scope Management, scope planning has an intermediate stage, but once the scope definition begins, details of the scope are identified down to the work package level (Khan, 2006, pg 14). Defining a scope can be extremely iterative. In project scope development, a high level vision will be developed initially for projects, but as more information is received about the project, the boundaries and scope of the project will be... read more

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