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Just about every parent asks me this question.  It is so difficult to answer because there is no set formula. So my honest answer: I don't know.  Every student is different.  There really are no easy fixes when it comes to learning differences.   (And I can't believe I said that-right?)   I like to think that teaching someone to read is like teaching someone to bake a cake. The first step is to assemble the ingredients and the tools you need to measure, mix and bake. With reading it's the same way.  We need all the right ingredients and tools to get the job done. We need to identify sounds, blend them together, take them apart and mix them into new words.  The issue for students with learning differences is usually, that they need different tools than the ones they are used to working with.   Some students make steady consistent progress, while some progress, plateau, then progress, and... read more

I've completed all but five of my qualification tests.  The remaining ones are mostly more advanced math, so I will get to them soon.  I've been applying for jobs left and right.    Wyzant wants to know "What advice would you give students to help them retain knowledge, stay sharp, and avoid 'summer learning loss'?"   I would say that students should find subjects that interest them, perhaps ones that can't be covered in a school year.  Astronomy, dinosaurs, popular literature, robots, whatever.  Read a lot about whatever catches your fancy.  I think the point would be to keep learning and exercising the brain, rather than trying to retain every bit of information acquired over the school year.  If you keep using your brain, you're more likely to retain information anyway, and if you're still learning, you can make connections with what you've already learned, which will help you remember better.

I'm making my way through about three hundred qualifying tests.  I should get through them in the next couple of days.   Wyzant wants to know, "What are your tips to stay motivated through finals at the end of the school year?"   I just finished my last final paper of the semester yesterday.  I think that the best thing to do to stay motivated is to take one thing at a time.  Make a list of things you need to do and a plan for how much you need to get done each day.  If you look at the huge number of things you have to get done, you'll get overwhelmed and discouraged.  Break it up into manageable pieces. 

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