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Imagine what being a master of your own time would look like. Maybe for you that would mean no more late nights. No tired mornings. Energy, focus, clarity. You jump into each project with a plan of action and you get it done, quickly. You can say yes to your friends and family. You balance work, school, your social and personal life easily. You feel good about your accomplishments as you knock them down one at a time. Procrastination vanishes. Confidence grows. Success is a recipe you can easily follow and it will make you the master over your time. When time owns you, often you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up. Overwhelm, frustration, and disappointment are easily accessed emotions. If you’re not getting “enough” done each day, you’re not in charge of your time, time is in charge of you. This guide will show you proven strategies for taking control of your time, and your life. If you... read more

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