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In my teaching, I have seen that lessons can be fun when:   1) An application is applied to the learning.        -ex.  when I can see that material that I am learning now has application to what I will be doing in my life this week, month, year, life.   2) When the concept makes the problem solving easy.       -ex. When I can understand what is causing the frustration or making it hard, and taking that obstacle away by knowing how to work the problem in effective manner.   3) Humor       - laughing is a great why to take the edge off of homework.  Make it fun by poking fun into it. Laugh about it.   4) Making the most out of the homework to see how you can breathe some life into something that is dull and lifeless.     -ex. some homework assignments have the ability (especially writing) to make it more than just learning how to write sentences;... read more

Time is a very important tool to learning academic information efficiently. If you have been working with a tutor then you should be aware of the time that you spend in tutoring assistance. Most students and parents believe that the longer they are tutored; the more successful they will be in executing the output of information. Set your tutoring goals in advance and submit them to your tutor via the Wyzant email address. List the goals that you would like to accomplish in each session for up to two weeks at a time. Even if you and your tutor do not accomplish all the goals you set, you will still be proactive in your learning experience!

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