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If you work in the corporate world, you are probably familiar with PowerPoint Presentations. Are you being tasked to create a training or a presentation? Would you like to make your presentation interesting and informative? Try to pick a design that doesn't use too many colors and animations. You want the audience to listen to your words as well as watch your slides.  Most likely, the audience wont be able to read a lot of words in the presentation due to seating arrangements. It's a good idea to have an outline printed and distributed to the audience beforehand. This is useful for taking notes and going back to the subject that they've just seen.    There are many designs, infinite combinations of colors, animations, fades you can use in PowerPoint. Choose the best design for your business, such as darker colors for serious subjects and brighter colors for a more light subject. Use your creativity, and insert pictures or sounds at the right moment in your presentation,... read more

Imagine the audience in their underwear!   This is an old tip from who-knows-where. Has it ever helped reduce your public speaking anxiety? I'm going to take a wild guess and say your answer is "no". If you're happy with this underwear envisioning tip, then carry on. If you feel you need something more to help with your public speaking anxiety, read on!   Public speaking can be downright terrifying for many people. But here's the good part: it doesn't have to be. By using at least one of the tips below, you can make your presentation less nerve wracking and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. So without further ado, here are a few tips to help with your next presentation:    Look at the tops of their heads Now you might be thinking "aren't you supposed to give people direct eye contact or they might think you're lying?" Well, yes that's true. However, in a presentation setting, you are at the front of the... read more

The ability to produce quality presentations is a must for people in various industries.  As a future Instructional Designer, I have developed numerous presentations using PowerPoint and various other presentation platforms.  Presentations are a great way to showcase your meeting agenda in a visually appealing way.  Presentations are also a great asset for teachers, as they present information to students in a more engaging way.  The use of visually appealing graphics, audio elements and narration are a great way to promote learner retention and engagement.

The biggest issue I run into in training others in PowerPoint is that people don't realize that PowerPoint is there ONLY to assist you in making a presentation. YOU are the one with the knowledge; PowerPoint is just there to help you organize that knowledge. The real issue in making presentations is your connection to the audience. So don't make the mistake that knowing PowerPoint better will make that connection better. THAT has to come from YOU. Once you come to terms with that knowledge, you'll really begin to see the limitations of PowerPoint - if you don't work around those limitations, PowerPoint will get in your way. There is, for example, an e-book out there entitled "How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid." Because if we don't use PowerPoint rightly, we can't be anything but, no matter how well we know the program. So here's what your presentation skills must encompass apart from PowerPoint: (1) You must have information to present besides what's on the slides.... read more

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