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I am a tutor, a retired, currently certified State of Illinois teacher, K-9, with a current LBS-1 Illinois State teacher endorsement to teach special education.  I believe that I am responsible for the quality and effectiveness of the lessons that I prepare.  This commitment pledges me to hours of serious preparation of lessons that meet the educational needs of my students, offering them significant steps for attaining their goals through lessons designed to be interesting to the student, strengthening their enjoyment of the learning process.

My goal for each student is to tailor instruction to fit his or her individual needs. The quickest way for me to determine those needs is for students to bring writing samples or standardized test results to our first meeting.    TEN USEFUL ITEMS, good for all sessions:   1) a 1-inch binder 2) paper to write on 3) pen or pencil 4) highlighter 5) school writing assignments  6) book for ELA and list of future required books 7) any standardized test prep books you own 8) any handouts or homework your tutor has assigned 9) index cards 10) a desire to learn   If you are well-prepared and eager to broaden your knowledge, each and every session will be a success. Good luck!   Laura C.      

The best experience during your lesson is possible when:   You come prepared to the lesson. You have questions ready for the lesson. You have attempted your work prior to the lesson. Have emailed your questions or topic you are needing help with prior to the lesson. Ready to listen and try new approaches.

Wyzant is my favorite hobby, as well as my chosen occupation.  I spend hours at least, on an average, working with the Internet, my own library of teaching materials, and public library resources, preparing for each lesson, plus often an hour in follow-up.  I am a long-time researcher from my completion of:     (1) Paralegal Certificate from the Roosevelt University Lawyer;s Assistant Program,   (2) Associate Degree in Data Processing with High Honors from the City Colleges of Chicago, (3) Graduate school credits, mostly from the Graduate School of Exceptional Education of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for an Endorsement in Special Education to my K-9 Illinois Teacher's Certificate, and (4) Credits in education with my B.A. in Liberal Arts with an English major from Dominican University.

While I prepare to tutor an individual, I make it a high priority for me to consider the student's needs.  I work hard to identify material that is on age and ability level.  I take past experience with the student into account as a guide to what will  work in the future.  Just as I prepare completely in advance, you, as a parent, should ensure your student is doing their part outside of the tutoring session.  They certainly should be practicing whatever has been assigned.  Additionally, you, as the parent, should be keenly aware of the progress your student is making.  A team effort is what will produce the highest quality results for you and your student.

While summer does present itself with opportunity for student fun and frolicking, I want to encourage you to actively pursue filling in learning gaps and use some of the summer time to consistently build and prepare for the new school year.  I will continue tutoring, and more importantly, encourage students to strengthen areas of weakness.  I am conveniently located in the city of Brea, CA.  Get in touch with me to setup a time for educational testing and developing an individual strengthening plan.  Let this be the summer filled with fun, and also filled with climbing and strengthening your educational foundation.     See you soon!   Nancy V. in Brea, CA  

It can be well beyond 15 minutes!  I love teaching Latin to middle schoolers and have lots of fun coming up with games for them to learn/practice certain grammar or syntax points.  That's when the markers and colored paper come out.     Also, I have assigned homework in the past, so I have to create that sometimes.  Or correct something they might sumbit between lessons.  I don't want to waste time during the lesson.

New sessions may bring a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty: will the new tutor be able to help me? Is it someone who I will be able to understand? Will they be able to answer my questions?   Here are some tips for clearing up the possible confusion to hopefully create a successful first encounter!   1) Be prepared to study: have on hand writing utensils, paper, textbooks as needed, and an open mind.   2) Have a list of the exact goals: both for that day, and your long term goals (what do you desire to accomplish through tutoring? How many sessions do you expect to have?)   3) Have a list of specific questions for your tutor: about their experience, methods, teaching philosophy, availability, fees. Also questions revolving around the subject matter at hand.    4) Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions! A good tutor, if they don't have the answer on hand, will be able to research, or guide your research to find... read more

Summer is winding down. School is getting ready to start again.   Here’s my advice for finishing summer break and starting the school year:   1) Take time to reflect. 2) Set goals for the future. 3) Build new relationships with influencers. 4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.   1) There’s gold in your past experiences. Grab some time to take deep breath and to reflect on where you’ve come from. If you haven’t done this already, even in these few moments before going back to school, it may be helpful to think back on what you’ve learned from the past school year. This may be a certain topic in school or a piece of knowledge out of school or a life lesson. You can always call on these things as you go forward in your journey.   2) Have some idea of where you want to go next, even if it’s simply a vague notion.   Keep that future idea, or goal ahead of you. For example it could be to make the team... read more

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