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Everyone on Wyzant wants to teach. All have something important to offer. I believe I have something that is unique. Instead of just presenting material, which we all do, I not only present the lessons that build skills I've added something. That something is the step by step process, that is in print, and is 85% visuals and 15% copy. My students can then go back to an Illustrator or InDesign lesson at any time and review every topic covered during the lesson. We all know that copy heavy textbooks are problematic, videos are just next to impossible to follow, and audio only, well you see my point.            I have just published a book on how to create a digital color wheel  This book was created because -- Graphic designers and design educators face many common challenges in their professions. First, althoughit is not normal for any working professional in the field of graphic design, advertising, fashion,... read more

I normally tend to teach by relating to things seen in common life.   Theories to practical day examples in easy and simple wordings.   My goal is to get the message across, after all we are learning to build our intellect, think and apply it in our daily lives.   I believe everyone has the ability to succeed in what they put their hearts into.    All it takes is a little bit of patience (alot of it in the beginning), developing curiosity into thinking further about it ( thats where I come in), alot of practice, which leads into mastering the subject ( leading to develop a passion in the subject, who becomes a familiar friend).  

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