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If you work in the corporate world, you are probably familiar with PowerPoint Presentations. Are you being tasked to create a training or a presentation? Would you like to make your presentation interesting and informative? Try to pick a design that doesn't use too many colors and animations. You want the audience to listen to your words as well as watch your slides.  Most likely, the audience wont be able to read a lot of words in the presentation due to seating arrangements. It's a good idea to have an outline printed and distributed to the audience beforehand. This is useful for taking notes and going back to the subject that they've just seen.    There are many designs, infinite combinations of colors, animations, fades you can use in PowerPoint. Choose the best design for your business, such as darker colors for serious subjects and brighter colors for a more light subject. Use your creativity, and insert pictures or sounds at the right moment in your presentation,... read more

The benefits of using Power Point presentations are extremely useful. When used in the classroom, these presentations hold student attention through the use of video, graphics and music. Because students today are so technologically advanced, tools that involve technology such as slide shows increase their involvement and interaction. These benefits also extend into the business world. Power Point presentations allow so much flexibility and customization. It is great for sales presentations or internal meetings because one can incorporate 3-D graphics, brilliant color and even streaming video.

There are many times when you find that your child/student doesn't want to do an assigned reading or writing. They will find all sorts of excuses to avoid doing the assignment and you find yourself getting frustrated trying to find the way to entice them. Try having them do a PowerPoint presentation on a subject that interests them. This will involve all of the skills of Reading, Writing, Research, etc. They will have fun finding the right sounds and pictures to go on their slides. This also improves their computer skills. Instead of fighting with them, your will have them excited and anxious for the next session to work on their project!

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