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Target level: High School Subject Topic: Physics AP Subject Area: Electricity and Magnetism Instructions: I was not sure how I wanted to use my Wyzant Blog.  Many tutors actually use the blog as a resource to express opinions and ideas regarding tutoring or their subject areas in some fashion.  I have finally decided to use it as a resource for my students (and as a result leave it available for any Wyzant students who come across it and would like extra practice).  Read the problem below.  Try it out on your own first.  Then read the answer.  Some problems will be harder than others. Problem: A coil of wire has been wrapped into a circle 100 times with a diameter of 2.00 meters.  At first, the coil is stationary in a constant 5.00 T magnetic field which is directed perpendicular to the cross-sectional area of the coil.  The coil is suddenly flipped 180 degrees in 2 seconds.  What is the magnitude of the... read more

1. Explore nature. Go outside and see things. When was the last time that you had time to stand and stare at the sky? Nature can be a good inspiration to you. For instance, Newton had to see falling apple when the concept of gravitation triggered his brain. 2. Exercise. If your body is fitter, your mind will perform better. 3. Read books that interests you. Think about every sentence that you read. Don't just try to cover many books but try to uncover the most from every book you read. 4. Start a fun creative project. It could be art, music, poetry, or even math and science. Imagine things and put it down in a way no one has done it before. 5. Socialize with people who have similar interest like yours. Have fun.

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