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Hello NCLEXers,   Pharmacology is of vital important for the NCLEX.  I have seen student exams contain anywhere up to 20% of the entire NCLEX being solely pharmacology.  You need to need to need to add this into the mix when you study for the exam.  I provide an excellent Pharmacology overview that is easy to understand and does not make you learn anything that would not help you on the actual exam.    So much of the information other programs have you memorize will not help you pass this exam.  It is superfluous information that may be useful in the real world, but in the short term what is your goal?  To pass this thing and get you license.  If you have questions reach out to me at on my WyzAnt site.   Best of luck,   Michael, MSN RN   I just wanted to share this article from regarding the schedule change of Hydrocodone and related medications from schedule III to schedule II. I feel that this is important information to share in order to protect the safety of our patients! Happy reading! :)   Ashley

Hey there! I am going to start upload my collection of worksheets, subject outlines, study tips, study images, and various other study materials. I have uploaded a "test example" of the nursing process. This was just something quick I put together. I am just getting the word out that more materials will be available shortly! If there are any topics in the realm of nursing, pharmacology, pathophysiology, or anatomy and physiology that you would like addressed, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you!    Here is the link to the example/test document:   I am also now available for Skype sessions! Therefore, distance and location are not limiting factors! Thank you! Happy studying :)   Please visit my profile page here:

The most important asset that you have is yourself. Take advantage of it and remember that no matter what happens you’re going to do fine. In my experience, regardless of the situation, positive attitudes yield positive results. Just like most standardized tests, the PTCB has a variety of general knowledge questions. What most people don’t realize is that this test is basically broken up into three different sections: Law, Hospital, and Retail. Here’s the basic breakdown of what to expect from these different categories. Law: This is quite possibly both the easiest and the hardest section. Unfortunately laws are just one of those things either you know it or you don’t. Depending on how good you are at memorizing facts this can either help or hinder you. I can’t make you any promises; but, when I took the test this was the shortest section of the test. They only asked me like 10-12 questions of law which might sound like a lot to some, but remember my test was somewhere nearly 100... read more

The philosophy of teaching I have embraced in thirty years of teaching medical students and college students, is based on the belief that learning is student centered and that students need to be equal partners in the learning process. There must be present, a student mentor relationship of trust. There should, however, always be an authoritative presence in the mentor. This leadership should be omnipresent, whether in the classroom, tutorship, or online. The mentoring teacher’s role involves using his expertise to place necessary resources in the hands of the student and to train him to be not just knowledgeable in his chosen fields of study, but to become an expert at resourcefulness and seek the role of “teacher" himself. It is here where leadership is taught through example. Now that a great deal of teaching is performed in an online forum, students now know that the teacher’s role in the online classroom is to be a facilitator, in addition to being a provider of information... read more

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