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If you have a Mac that runs OS X, then there's a simple maintenance procedure you can perform that will help to keep things running smoothly. It's called repairing permissions, and can be done using the built-in application called Disk Utility, located in Applications/Utilities.   OS X is based on UNIX, a very versatile, robust and powerful operating system. It's what runs the Internet. It's what got us to the Moon. And a modern version of it is what runs your Macintosh.   UNIX is based on Permissions. It must know which user has which rights for each file and folder (directory). If permissions for the files that run the System get messed up, bad things can happen. It could be as annoying as one application not launching, or as catastrophic as not booting anymore.   Fortunately, Apple allows you to repair the permissions for the System, but they really don't tell you how or why. I just told you the why, now you need to know when, and how.   When... read more

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