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Tutoring is a two way street. Both sides of the party need to put in 110% of effort in order to see positive results.   A tutor needs to be enthusiastic about the subject. They need to be passionate about what they are teaching. Throughout my college career, I had a better experience and better results in classes where my professor was enthusiastic about the class. Adversely, teachers who don't show enthusiasm, do not connect with the students, and the students refuse to create that connection as well.    Another healthy tutoring tip is patience. Nobody likes a pushy tutor! Yes, be assertive, but being too pushy will annoy the student. Patience allows the student to digest the material and to create cognitive connections.   Positive encouragement is also a good way to make lessons fun. There are teachers who scare their students by giving them discouragement. When a teacher gives the student positive encouragement, the student feels good... read more

Learning is not all that complicated, but many students miss one critical factor.  Excitement!    Congratulations young person you have a great opportunity before you.  You have the chance to learn something new!  We live in a wonderful era where knowledge flows towards us in so many directions.  Sometimes it can be difficulty navigating this river.  However, there are guides that can help you along the way and a tutor is simply one of those guides.   If you truly want to be prepared for a session with a tutor you need to be excited and ready to learn.  If you come unprepared, thats fine; we have the internet if we need materials.  If you lost a pencil, no worries, I have those.  If you come with a bad attitude, there isn't much I can do to help in that department.   Be excited and be ready to learn and you can be successful.

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